Taste of Cayman fast approaching

The Taste of Cayman Food and Wine Festival 2010 is fast approaching and tastebuds are tingling across the island in anticipation of the treats to come. On 16 January, a host of local food vendors, restaurants and flavour-mongers will set up in the midst of Camana Bay to delight Cayman with their wares.

Whether you’re a foodie with a passion for gnashin’ or an interested nibbler ready for some exciting new tastes there’s something to satisfy every palate. Taste Of Cayman is part of January’s Culinary Month.

It also features the best of the local arts, crafts and creative industries and individuals the islands have to offer making 2010’s bash a true feast for all the senses.

Tickets for Taste Of Cayman 2010 are available from the following outlets: Papermans Coffeehouse, The Strand; BrickHouse; Grand Harbour; Cayman Camera, George Town; The Mansion, Camana Bay; De Sunglass Man, Camana Bay; British Outpost, George Town; Diamonds Direct, George Town.

You can also purchase from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association office which accepts debit or credit cards open daily from 8:30am – 5:00pm – call to arrange a time for pick up.

Online sales: www.tasteofcayman.com.ky.

Sponsor: Digicel

Digicel is the telecommunications brand of choice for best value, service and coverage, satisfying every taste and lifestyle in the Cayman Islands.

World-renowned for industries such as banking, technology and tourism, the Cayman Islands has now added fine cuisine to its repertoire. This event provides an opportunity to players in the hospitality industry both large and small to display their talent and drive their business. Digicel wants to be involved in helping develop and promote the tourism sector which represents a great growth opportunity for the Cayman Islands, said Victor Corocan, chief executive officer.

‘The Cayman Islands has evolved its own culture and heritage as over the years people from all over the world move to these beautiful islands. The result is an eclectic mix of services, products and lifestyles,’ he said.

‘Food is one cultural icon that both binds us, as well as differentiates us as ethnically diverse people with common goals. Taste of Cayman is relevant to showcasing both the differences and the similarities of Caymanian society.’

Mr. Corocan’s advice for Taste of Cayman 2010 is simple and twofold:

‘At this year’s festival taste everything and be sure to vote for your favourite booth with the Digicel’s People’s Choice text to vote competition.’

Sponsor: Blackbeards

The Blackbeards and Cayman Distributors group of companies is a leading retailer and wholesaler of wines, spirits, beers and beverages.

Executive Vice President Hugh Treadwell explained that the charity element was important in this year’s festival.

‘What the Cayman Islands Tourism Association has done for the Lighthouse School over the years is really inspiring and we’re proud to be a part,’ he said. ‘I think that’s why we put so much more than just sponsorship dollars into this event. It was, and is, a tremendous amount of work. All of our staff contributes hundreds of hours of volunteer time to help make this happen.’

Culinary month puts the area on the map, said Mr. Treadwell. Blackbeards see it as a comprehensive cultural event with booths and exhibits from local artists, craftsmen, farmers, family activities, and great local music all night long, plus the Barefoot Brunch on 10 January and Wines on The Water, which features 100 wines with winemakers and vineyard staff on hand.

‘Food and wine travel is a great niche market and we have a great destination for it,’ he said. ‘The recent success of all the events at Camana Bay have shown that this is really a great venue and with the Taste of Cayman being held throughout the whole Town Centre, I think this is going to surpass everyone’s expectations. Most importantly, it’s for a great cause and it’s a lot of fun.’

Vendor: Caybrew

The Cayman Islands Brewery was established in 2007 and will be attending Taste of Cayman with two new products to present.

Caybrew Light was launched in August with 95 calories and 2.4g carbs – a perfect brand for the active Cayman lifestyle – and they will also be unveiling a brand new beer to the Cayman Islands Brewery portfolio.

‘Also at the event we will reinforce the recycling programme which is unique to the brewery,’ said Commercial Manager James Mansfield.

‘As a local manufacturer we are please to showcase these locally-made Caymanian products to tourists and the local community.’

Vendor: The Reef

Family-run resort The Reef has many jewels and, in culinary terms, the Rusty Pelican Beach Bar crowns the lot. It’s famous for Cuban mojitos and Hemingway-style daiquiris as well as their banana mudslides and of course the eats.

They promise giveaways as well as a special Cajun chicken and pasta with a secret blend of spices.

‘The Reef is proud to be involved in the Taste of Cayman since it benefits the children of the Lighthouse School. At The Reef we are always looking for opportunities to give back to our community and Taste of Cayman provides the ideal platform to help us achieve this,’ said Food & Beverage Director Mike Flowers.

Vendor: One Tree Four Five

Locally designed by Luigi Moxam, One Tree Four Five is an authentic and fashionable representation of the various aspects of Cayman’s Caribbean lifestyle, culture and heritage; including The Way We Talk, a line in which many designs feature a variety of phrases and sayings that have been shared for generations. These include ‘Lem-me a dolla nah’ and ‘Look ya bobo’ and the new, limited edition ‘I love ya like cook food’ and ‘drink more swanky.’

A dollar from the proceeds of each shirt sold will be given to Family & Youth Services Unit, which provides breakfast for schoolchildren in the Cayman Islands. This initiative continues throughout February 2010.

Competition – overview

Taste Of Cayman is giving away tickets weekly to early bird bookers. You could win two return tickets on Cayman Airways to either of the sister islands. By purchasing early bird tickets for $40 – it goes up to $50 in January. All early bird ticket purchasers over the next week will be entered into a draw running every Friday until January 8 so get in quick!

Excitingly, the Grand Prize draw gives a chance to win a beautiful brand-new Chevy Camaro 2010 sponsored by Advance Automotive. The lucky ticket will be drawn on 16 January.

More details on www.tasteofcayman.com.