Commercial needs to cast locals

Caymana Casting Agency is looking for cast members for a commercial which will be shooting the first week of January.

Cast will be required for one day and will be paid.

The following persons are needed:
‘Caymanian’-looking nine-year-old girl
‘Caucasian’ adventurous-looking, fit scuba diver (who looks around 40)
‘Caymanian’-looking bride or young mother (who looks around 40)

Each person must have some sort of acting ability and on-camera presence and the audition will involve reading a small scripted note.

Submissions of a recent photograph and contact information should be sent to [email protected].

Caymana Production Services is a full-service production company in the Cayman Islands. Caymana Casting Agency provides casting services.

For information visit or contact Beth Henning at 928-6695.