Introducing Capoeira

Miss Jackie’s School of Dance in Pasadora Place has added another class to its schedule – but this one is far more than just dance: Capoeira is a 500-year old martial art.

Rooted in the rich African cultures which were introduced to Brazil after slaves were brought over from Africa, Capoeira’s history, mostly oral, is the subject of much debate. It is the teachings of old masters and a few surviving documents that tell the story of this singular art.

Capoeira’s origin dates back 500 years to the beginnings of Brazil’s slave trade period. Throughout the 488-year slave trade, the Congo, Bantu, and Angolan tribes met and intermingled in the senzalas (slave quarters) and in the quilombos (escape slave nations). From this intermingling of cultures came a melding of traditions and rituals, and Capoeira was born.

Capoeira and its practitioners persevered through centuries of marginalisation and discrimination and today the art has evolved from cultural ritual to martial art to way of life.

Capoeira today

In the last few years, Capoeira has taken the world by storm. In the United States it is in demand, rapidly becoming the most sought-after art form and means of creative self-expression.

Over time Capoeira has become a martial art that is embraced by a wide range of people from all cultures, economic backgrounds and religions. Much like the racially-diverse population of Brazil, when you look around a Capoeira roda, you will see a mix of different cultures. Capoeira welcomes all races and backgrounds because it has elements that incorporate aspects of dance, martial arts, rhythm, and acrobatic movement (not to mention the physical and mental aspect of the art) that speak to many different cultures.

The game

The game of Capoeira is a fluid series of agile, acrobatic, and martial movements linked together to form a unique corporal conversation.

The gracefully strategic physical dialogue happens in the roda, the circle where training manifests into games between two Capoeiristas (practitioners of the art). These games are an intricate exchange of circular and straight kicks, escapes, sweeps, takedowns, and gymnastic flourishes.

History of Capoeira

Mestre Boneco, co-founder of Grupo Capoeira Brasil, is dedicated to disseminating the rich culture and tradition of Capoeira.

Miss Jackie’s will practice a variation of Capoeira titled Capoeira Regional Contemporânea. This style, derived from the movements and sequences defined by Mestre Bimba, reflect the evolutions and influences of the Mestres of Capoeira Brasil.

Grupo Capoeira Brasil has grown internationally with centres and academies worldwide..

Master Boneco has teamed up with Miss Jackie’s School of Dance to offer classes to children as young as five years old through to adults. Classes will begin 6 January.

To register or for more information contact Petique at 949-7296.