Wolves spread Christmas cheer

Sports have so much positive feelings and sentiments to give this Christmas season.

The Cayman sports scene is no different and one basketball team helped raise Christmas spirits in a big way recently.

Last Saturday morning the Wolves basketball club stormed the George Town area with the gift of food.

Some 10 team members distributed 52 turkeys to locales such as Windsor Park, Central (including Scranton, McField Lane and Eastern Avenue) and the Pines retirement home.

Participating Wolves members included: Dawn McCoy (team public relations manager), Tikko Moore, Paul Myles, Timmy Myles, Javon Pearson, Lovane Joven (team president), Duran ‘Trini’ Whittaker, Gary Whittaker and Omara Whittaker.

Most of them (with the exception of East End natives Moore and Pearson) have roots in the Windsor Park community.

The turkeys, which weighed some 3lbs each, were bought that morning by the team before being distributed door-to-door.

A number of entities in the community lent financial assistance to the Wolves including You Neek boutique.

This reporter met up with the team on July Street and witnessed a number of homes in the government housing area blessed by the goodwill.

One of the homeowners who received a turkey was Patrick Henry. As he stated he was touched by the team looking out for him at Christmas.

‘I’ve been here for five years now and this made me feel so good. I can’t thank these guys enough for brightening up my Christmas.

‘I was already a Wolves fan with my green Wolves shirt. But now I’m an even bigger fan of theirs.’

Another thankful resident was Shirley Foreshaw, who expressed her gratitude to the team.

‘Seeing the team come into our community makes me feel good that someone is looking out for us.

‘I’m so happy that at least some one is giving something to this community and my family for Christmas. It’s so nice seeing Caymanians giving something back to other Caymanians.’

Team President Lovane ‘Pelo’ Joven said it was an honour to help out the people of George Town.

‘I thought by giving turkeys everyone could eat a Christmas dinner. The Wolves may have only been in existence for three years but I felt doing this was our duty. I’m so honoured to give to those people, especially as I’m a Caymanian.’