Wolves set to upgrade in 2010

The Wolves played well this year in local basketball.

Its men’s team won the national title for the first time and the junior team came second in the Appleby U19 Boys league.

wolves brandon

Brandon Glasgow took the Shockwaves to victory.
Photo: Matthew Yates

Key behind both successes was Head Coach Duran ‘Trini’ Whittaker. With the New Year hours away Whittaker has his mind squarely on more success next year.

‘Right now our Wolves men’s team will be pretty much the same. Guys like Dwight O’Garro, Andres Kirchman, Earl ‘Barbosa’ Allen and Gary ‘Butcher’ McLaughlin will be coming back for us.

‘However we’re in talks with Brandon Glasgow to join the team, Tikko Moore could play for us based on his height and skills and we’re trying to get one of the O’Garros (in either Sammy or Shaad).

‘With the U19 boys if they want to come back we’ll keep the same guys. It’s the players’ choice in that scenario.

‘We want winners, plain and simple. Our goal is to be one of the best teams and basketball clubs on the island going forward.’

With the way his U19 team played this year that goal is not unreachable for Trini and the Wolves club.

Behind star forward Tikko Moore the Wolves finished second at 8-2 in the regular season.

From there the team got by the Playmakers 56-54 in the first round. The team’s title bid would come up short to the Shockwaves of Beach Suites 66-53 in the U19 final last Monday.

If Trini was not enough motivation for the young hoopsters then certainly the crowd of over 80 people (many of whom were Wolves fans) at the Arts and Recreation Center at Camana Bay were.

Trini talked about how that final game went.

‘Their strategy was better. They set a lot of picks off the ball to get the ball to Brandon (Glasgow). Our guys were too slow to react and they got beat.

‘Our game plan was to try and shut down Brandon and Patrick (Barnes). We did a decent job of frustrating Patrick but Brandon got the ball too easily.

‘All in all we did much better than our 2-8 mark last year and I’m proud of the team. I tip my hat to the Shockwaves as they deserved to go unbeaten.’