Air mile management now easier

A new feature on the Cayman Airways website is making it easier to buy and share air miles.

Cayman Airways customers can now buy and share Sir Turtle Rewards frequent flyer air miles online.

‘One of the three main benefits of this new service through our website is that it allows existing Sir Turtle Rewards members to purchase the air miles they need in order to make up for a free ticket when their accumulated miles are just a few short,’ said Cayman Airways Senior VP Commercial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer Paul Tibbetts.

‘This saves members from having to wait until they’ve earned more miles before they can redeem tickets.’

Mr. Tibbetts said Sir Turtle Rewards members can also use the service to share their air miles with friends and family by transferring miles from their own frequent flyer accounts, to that of a fellow member. Members can also donate accumulated air miles to participating Cayman-based charities in the airline’s Miles Ahead programme.

Customers who are not members of the Cayman Airways Sir Turtle Rewards frequent flyer programme can still purchase air miles as gifts for existing members.

Recipients of shared or purchased air miles must be existing members of the Sir Turtle Rewards Frequent Flyer program. Other restrictions apply. For details visit