Team effort carried Shockwaves

The Shockwaves of Beach Suites were a dominant team this year.

The young basketball team cruised through the Appleby U19 Boys league and won the title outright without a loss.

Much of that success came from the play of star duo Brandon Glasgow and Patrick Barnes. Both young men dominated every statistical category from scoring and passing to rebounding and defense.

Both also claimed their second U19 title in as many years as the young men took the Esso Blazers to similar glory last season.

By the looks of things the U19 league may not be the only competition Glasgow becomes a star in. The Wolves, the defending men’s league champs, are in the process of recruiting him to their team.

Glasgow, 17, could be a star presence with them as early as April next year and add even more trophies to his collection.

Nevertheless the young man has his mind squarely on the U19 team he just guided to victory.

‘Winning two years in a row feels pretty good. The fact that so many people were watching this time made me feel really good.

‘I may have had the experience from being in a final before but I was a little nervous. I must admit I had some butterflies.

‘I remember two years ago no one expected this. I didn’t win a game or an award. It just shows that with hard work anyone can do great things.’

For all the props Glasgow rightly deserves he is humble and eager to heap praise on his team-mates.

‘We all had to execute properly to beat the Wolves again. I’m proud of the team for stepping up.

‘Patrick took the load off me offensively. Alex Ebanks came in and brought energy and legs. Diego (Smith) was a presence in the middle with his rebounding and blocking while Khalil (Mellad) had quick fast-breaks for us.’

With the New Year starting hours from now Glasgow has basketball firmly on his mind.

‘For me 2010 will be a year of more hard work on the court. I’ll have another league to play in and I’ll have to step up my game to the next level.

‘I’ve found that in basketball there’s always something you could work on and improve.’