New Year’s resolutions

Christopher McField – to get married, attend church regularly and he hopes the island’s economy gets better and crime rates drop.

Gladston Hanson said he wished the Cayman Islands all the best for the New Year and God’s richest blessings on everyone and for him, he wants just little more blessings from God.

Anna Walker is hoping the best for the Island and that everything goes well with everyone.

Odalis Clarke wants to be a better person. She is also wishing for health for her family, love happiness and success.

Suzette Nelson wants to stop smoking and get a better job for the New Year.

Ernajane Jackson wants to get a better job and live a happy life with her children and grandchildren.

Lisa Piper’s New Year resolution is to improve her hand writing at school.

Andrew Murtland wants to get better grades.

Barbara Thompson wants to give her heart to the Lord and get a house.

Thomas Milne wants to get better at hockey for the New Year.

Jamie Piper wants to stop giggling with Keiren in class.

Cani Tatum just wants to live better.