Frasers climbing

Olympic swimmers Shaune and Brett Fraser are climbing up the rankings in fine style.


Brett and Shaune have a busy year ahead.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

The Caymanian brothers had a glorious 2009 and finished the year amongst the world’s best 200 metres freestylers.

Shaune, 21, was fittingly ranked 21st in the world and Brett, 20, finished in 73rd spot.

Topping the charts, just ahead of American torpedo Michael Phelps, was Paul Biedermann, the German powerhouse who will no longer be able to wear his controversial suit that evidently gave him extra speed in the water because the swimming governing body, FINA has banned them from the start of this year.

Russia’s Danila Izotov is the world’s third fastest in this event.

The Fraser brothers have a busy itinerary this year, starting with the NCAA Championships in March, then the Commonwealth Games and World Short Course Championships. They also have to fit in the CAC Games in Puerto Rico too.