Smoking ban boon for sign shop

The smoking ban has led to a good business opportunity for at least one store in Cayman.

smoking ban signs

A notice board on North Sound Road advertises new no smoking signs.
Photo: Norma Connolly

Signs of Paradise on North Sound Road has created 300 No Smoking signs that retailers are required to display on their premises in accordance with the new Tobacco Law, which came into effect on 31 December.

Greg Arnold, sales and marketing coordinator at the company said business has picked up considerably in recent days.

‘We just started to get the ads out,’ he said Friday, ‘and the signs are ready to go.’

Signs of Paradise has 30 of each of the 10 signs that have been approved by government to be displayed in places where smoking is banned. The signs cost between $5.50 and $15.50, Mr. Arnold said.

He added that customers can pick up the signs that are already available or can order more to be created. ‘We can do it pretty quickly,’ he said.

The Public Health Department, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, Cancer Society and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, developed sample signs for tobacco dealers, restaurants and bars, on which Signs of Paradise has based its ‘no smoking’ signage.