Why is there much animosity?

In this our present evil world, it’s a surprise to see how many people are governed by habits and urges instead of by reasoning. Take a look around you; you will see things are worse than they were yesterday and the day, month, year before, yet none of us are taking the time out to ask ourselves ‘what can I do to make it better?’

Instead we display good conduct with bad intentions. We wish to find self-esteem by finding faults in others, we are so faulty but too pre-occupied with the faults of our fellowmen, and we scoop from the other man’s sea and boast of our rivulet. We slander and racially discriminate others when we are all one race, one colour in the eyes of God. We chose to correct others when we stand to be corrected. We offer years of employment to our fellowman and when through years of hard labour and sacrifice he is able to afford the luxuries that we ourselves enjoy we claim, ‘I have been robbed.’ We worship our material possessions and ourselves, but who are we to worship self when we are only carrions.

We tend to grudge covet and sow discard among our fellow men because of their prosperity not knowing the sacrifices that have been made towards their achievements. We demand freedom of speech and of press yet lack what to say and nothing worth printing. We claim to be a prosperous people not knowing that prosperity comes from two things: Exploitation of the earth and the distribution of its produce. We claim to be a civilised people yet lack the knowledge that civilization starts when man first dug the earth and sowed seeds.

Among us are killers who have not yet shed blood, thieves who have stolen nothing, liars who have so far told the truth, and silky faces lined with coarse cloth, how dare you accuse me when your deeds are no better than mine. But how long shall we deceive ourselves? The wolf preys upon the sheep at night but when morning comes the bloodstains are there to convict him.

To you politicians, how far can you lead a people? Can you lead them any farther than you yourselves have been? You will surely bring disaster to your people if you have never tilled the soil to sow a seed or laid a brick to build a house or mended a tear in your pants or sown a button to your shirt, but made politics your occupation. Do you really care about the welfare of the nation? Are you willing to take the responsibility of each individual act of the people? How can you say to the farmer, ‘I understand,’ when you have never planted a tree? Do you know the joy of reaping the fruits of your labour? Are you there for publicity, popularity and fame, material gain or do you really care for the welfare of the people? Let me dare say the greatness of a nation lies in its produce. What is your product? Is it visibly attractive? Woe to the nation that doesn’t weave what it wears, nor plant what it eats nor press the wine that it drinks.

What are your reservations seeing that the world is at war? How will you feed your people if there is a war in your region? Mr. politician, what is your product? Is education your main focus? Know this, that education does not sow seeds but make seeds grow.
Do your children leave school with a practical skill? What happens when the financial sectors are not in operation? Is there a practical skill to be employed? Take heed, for the man with his trade and skill will outlive the man with his career and profession. Depart not from religion to belief, from country lanes to city streets from wisdom to logics for representative governments in the past were the fruits of revolutions. Today they are fruits of economic disasters, but the people will make you pay. You progress not through improving on what has been done or correcting past mistakes, you progress by reaching toward what has yet to be done.

We all should examine yesterday’s ledgers; we will find we are still indebted to people and to life. Wherever we are now we hadn’t made it on our own, we got here through the help of others; so why the animosity among us? How can we say we love the Almighty
God whom we cannot see when we show so much hatred and malice towards our fellow men who we see each day? It is time for us to know our purpose and do as our purpose wills us to do. As for me I will continue in the path that leads to truth and love and to trust and pray that we will wake up to the reality of the moment, knowing that God without man is still God, but man without God is nothing.

Glendon Mcfarlane