West Bay action

District sports are making headway in Cayman and the latest area to see action is West Bay.

Tomorrow evening sees the one-day open volleyball tryout from 6:30pm-8:30pm on the hard court at the John A Cumber primary school.

Young children in the district are urged to attend along with their parents, who can register the kids and get updated on the rules.

The try-out is in preparation for the upcoming district volleyball league being put on by the West Bay Community Sports Committee.

In conjunction with the Department of Youth and Sports the Committee is out to establish sporting activities for the district.

The upcoming volleyball league is being aimed at children in West Bay 10 years of age and older and takes place at the John A Cumber primary school until 13 March.

Thus far the league has had the support of a number of notable names from the district including local football prodigy Dion Brandon, Acting Director of Youth and Sports Collin Anglin and Gerry Robinson (mother of local racer Dante ‘Ross’ Hydes).

Brandon, 23, actually serves as head of officials and coordinates volunteers for that position. Anglin is a league co-ordinator and Robinson is in charge of coaches (she can be reached at 916-1902).

Brandon, who can be reached by e-mail at [email protected], stated recently that he has much knowledge of volleyball and has a desire to see people come forward.

Known for his presence on the national men’s team and Future Sports Club Brandon was adamant about joining the league stating it was his way of helping Cayman’s youth.

The deadline for registering teams is next Friday. Teams can be registered by collecting forms from J and M Electronics in West Bay.

News of the West Bay league comes after the East End community five-a-side football league wrapped up in early December.

In fact the idea of a West Bay community sports group was proposed shortly before the holidays.

At the moment plans are in place to begin a East End volleyball league by the end of the month.