Portrait shows morbid Poe in more flattering terms

Allan Poe is known for his fertile imagination, not his good looks.

a portrait of Poe that’s never been seen in public casts the macabre author in
a more flattering light.

small watercolour by A.C. Smith shows Poe sitting at desk with pen and paper in
hand. His famous moustache is missing, and there’s the slightest hint of a
smile on his face.

portrait will be unveiled Saturday in Baltimore as part of Poe’s birthday celebration.

owner, Cliff Krainik plans to sell the portrait at auction later this year.
Auctioneer Wes Cowan expects it to sell for $30,000 to $50,000 — and he says
that’s a conservative estimate.

one of just three existing portraits of Poe. The more familiar images of him
are daguerreotypes taken in the final years of his life.