Keswick brings God to people

Over 60 Christians drew inspiration
from lunch-time sessions about great Bible characters at the Elmslie Memorial
Church Hall last week.

Guest speaker Stephen Gaukroger, founding
director of Clarion Trust International and author, was the guest speaker at Cayman Keswick Convention, which was held at the Church of God Chapel on Walkers

During the week Mr. Gaukroger hosted
the lunchtime sessions at the Elmslie Memorial Church Hall in George Town.

On Monday he shared the message about the prophet Elijah stepping
out for God to become part of his amazing plan.

was a courageous prophet in the Bible who raised the
dead, brought fire down from the sky and ascended into heaven in a whirlwind.

“If only we could be like Eljah,” said
Mr. Gaukroger as he told those gathered to learn from these famous people of the Bible
how to live in today’s world of human successes and failures.

The meetings began at noon at Elmslie
Memorial Church Hall in George Town. A light lunch was available.

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