Ministry: Student needed restraining

In a rare step following numerous
news reports and public discussion about a altercation on the John Gray High
School campus Tuesday, the Ministry of Education has released an internal
report on the incident.

The scuffle occurred when a
15-year-old high school student attempted to leave the campus sometime after a
magnitude-5.9 earthquake hit Grand Cayman
Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said the teen was
followed by John Gray High School’s
principal who was shouting at him on a bullhorn.

According to Royal Cayman Islands
Police officers, the student attempted to strike the principal when he turned
around and officers were then forced to restrain him.

School officials said the Year 11
student – who is not being identified by the Caymanian Compass – attends
Cayman’s Alternative Education Centre, but was at John Gray Tuesday fulfilling
an “individualised education plan”.

According to education officials
the student left the John Gray building without permission and “was determined
to wait at the front gate for a family member to collect him from school.”

The Department of Education
Services report then states: “Given the number of parents who chose to collect
students after the earthquake and the number of students who were waiting near
the front of the school, staff members instructed all students to return to
classes until family members actually arrived in order to restore order to the

The student then allegedly refused
to leave the gate area and “became aggressive and cursed and physically
threatened the school principal,” the report states. At that point he was restrained
by police.

The report then reads: “(police)
escorted him back to the behaviour unit, where he was counselled by trained
staff. He once again broke away from staff and ran back to the front gate,
where he threatened the principal and a police officer with a large stick. Two
members of staff disarmed the student.”

A family member of the 15-year-old
then arrived at the school, was admitted and eventually allowed to take the boy

The teen was not arrested, but
police said they were investigating the matter.

“The last thing we want to see is a
student being restrained by police,” Education Minister Rolston Anglin said.
“But when the safety of staff, other students and parents is threatened, we
have to act.”

Mr. Anglin said John Gray staff has
been in touch with the 15-year-old’s family and want the student to continue
his transition back to Cayman’s education system.