Lions and Leos celebrate

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman, the
Lions Club of Tropical Gardens and the Leos of Grand Cayman gathered at Grand
Old House recently to celebrate the birthday of the founder of Lionism Melvin

He was born on 13 January, 1879, in
Fort Thomas Arizona.

As an adult he joined the Business
Circle, a business luncheon group and was soon elected secretary.

The group solely promoted the
financial interest of its members, though Mr. Jones had other plans.

“What if these men,” he asked, “who
are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put
their talents to work improving their communities?

On 7 June, 1917, Lions Club
International was born.

At the luncheon, two Melvin Jones
Fellowships were bestowed, with the first going to Dr. Eugene Foley for the
work he has done with Lions for the Lions sight programme. The award was
presented by the Immediate Past President Lion Anthony Ritch.

“Dr. Foley has been a staunch
supporter of the Lions sight programme since he came to the Island and we are
delighted to be able to recognise his hard work with this award,” said Lion
President Debbie Ebanks.

The second recipient was Lion
Quiznell McLaughlin, who joined the Lions Club of Grand Cayman in 1992 and
since then has worked tirelessly on many community projects.

She was also praised by Lion Ms
Ebanks: “Lion Quiznell deserves this award and recognition. He has rarely
missed one of our breakfasts and has worked hard on many of our community
projects over the years. I am delighted to be able to make him a MJF

The guest speaker for the evening
was UCCI President Roy Bodden, who congratulated the Lions and Leo Clubs on
their hard work in the community and said that in the future all Clubs will
have to work harder to address many of the current issues in our society. He
asked whether the members had ever thought about the impact they had on the
lives of so many people in the Cayman Islands and how many smiling faces would
have been missed if the gift delivery did not take place on Christmas of the
All Island Children’s Christmas party did not happen?

He urged everyone to continue to
work hard to bring joy to the lives of the less fortunate.