Big Wahoo’s timing is just right

January is usually a good month to
catch Wahoo in Cayman’s waters.

A few anglers recently proved that
statement true with a whopper of a catch.

Last week angler Willima Kruse
reeled in a 63.5lb Wahoo.

Kruse was on a charter boat for Fat
Fish Adventures. The captain on the boat was Peter Jervis and the crew were
Richard Angus and Leeford McLeggon.

Kruse nabbed the Wahoo using an
80lb Monel wire line in East End around 9am on

Shortly after the catch reports from
around the local fishing community emerged that the fish was actually 100lbs.
This reporter met up with the crew at the Barcadere Marina in George Town and was able to separate fact
from fiction.

A mature angler, Kruse has been
involved in a few local tournaments and has caught a decent amount of fish in
his travels.

However he is quick to say his
Wahoo catch is a special treat.

“It was my first time catching a
Wahoo that size,” Kruse said. “Everyone was coaching me and it took two gaffs
to get that big boy in.”

Every fisherman has tales about the
fish they have caught and Kruse is no different.

As he states the fight with the
fish was an epic struggle.

“When the fish took line the
captain looked over the side and said it looked like a good-size fish.

“After that he said don’t let the fish grow a beard on you and I then
fought the fish for about an hour.

“For the first 15 minutes nothing
happened. For the next 30 minutes it fought with me and ran off about 20 yards from
the boat.

“For the final 15 minutes I got it
close to the boat and eventually reeled him in.”

Like all epic fights his was not
without injury. For his efforts Kruse got a sizeable gash on his right leg.

He was quick to brush off the presence
of a battle scar, only saying “yeah there was a time when the fish got me.”

The rest of the crew had a chuckle
about the cut. Among them was Angus, who had his fair share of quips about the
whole experience. He said jokingly “The fish took a bite out of him! Not many
fishermen can say that!”

What the men did with the fish is
unclear. However it would certainly make for a good meal at a restaurant where
a couple of pieces of the meat can fetch CI$20 easily.

Ultimately the quartet was last
seen heading back into the waters, most likely looking for the next great
catch. Whether or not the next one is near the Wahoo’s size they all have
enough memories to carry them for quite awhile.

Then again Kruse can’t wait to
reach the triple digit mark.

“While it was no “100
pounder” it was still the biggest fish I have ever caught,” Kruse said. “I
think Captain Peter was fooled by the overall length.

“I saw a mount in Guy Harvey’s
Saturday night and while the fish looked to be the same size as what we caught
it registered at 136 lbs!”