Wahoo so plentiful

Last week this newspaper ran the
first a regular fishing column dedicated to keeping the buzz and hype around
local angling going.

Today’s column aims to give readers
some insight into fishing for Wahoo.

One of the first things that needs
to be understood is Wahoo is in season now. In fact it’s been in heavy supply
in Cayman’s waters since December and should be around until March.

In addition it is relatively easy
fish to find. Many anglers reporter catching Wahoo around the waters of Grand Cayman in addition to going offshore to the usual
haunts (namely pickle bank and 60 mile bank).

Naturally some places are more
fruitful than others. The consensus has been that West Bay (in particular North West Point), South Sound and East
End reap the most fish this time of year.

If the idea of catching a Wahoo
sounds good remember there are certain times of the day that work best. In
particular, the early morning hours around 6am (near dawn) and the late evening
hours (say 6pm) around dusk are the recommended times.

Then again good timing might
actually rest in delaying the urge to fish until this weekend. Local anglers
agree that the best time to go fishing is two days before or two days after a
change in moon.

Luckily for fishing fans the next
moon change happens on Saturday, which means the best time to try and nab some
Wahoo would be on Monday.

Aside from that remember to use a
big enough rod (in the 9.0-10.0 size) and a long enough reel (ideally
80-100lb). As far as bait goes any combination of “ballyhoo” with “Hawaiian Eye”
should do the trick.

It is possible to nab a big one
over 60lb. Just ask William Kruse, who reeled in a 63.5lb Wahoo in East End last week.