Letter to the Editor: Time for Cayman to repent

I would like to start by wishing
everyone a happy New Year and to the past government; I would personally like
to say that I do not hold it against you about the money that was spent while
you were in power. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t; I am not their judge
and most of all, I was put here not to depend on the government, but to depend
on our Father Jehovah through Christ Jesus, who is our source. I would also
like to say congratulations to Mr. Bush and I wish him Jehovah’s blessing.

Now there is a big question I would
like to ask the churches; why are you living under the covenant that Jehovah
gave to Moses for the Israelites? When Christ came into my life and I started
reading the Bible, the first question I asked was ‘why does the Bible say one
thing and the people are living contrary to the scriptures?’

Haven’t they read that Jehovah made
a new covenant through Jesus? I came to the conclusion that it is easier for
them to live under the law of condemnation than under grace. I remember when I
was a young girl we had a preacher that told us if we didn’t behave, Jehovah
would send down His wrath upon us. We are not told that Jehovah was really our
Father and we could commune with Him.

In the scriptures Jehovah said that
His people were perishing for the lack of knowledge. The scriptures also say
that Jehovah would teach His people. I grew up with Christians around me and
like today, no one every told me that they have the peace of Jehovah. I am very
puzzled why anyone would want to live in t his world and not know our heavenly
Father who loves us so much.

Now about Jesus; don’t they
understand who He was? Or should I say believe? Don’t they know that Jehovah
said if we honour Him and not His son, Jesus, we do not have either one. We do
not get forgiveness for Jehovah’s sake or our sake, but for Christ’s sake we
are forgiven.

I also realise that we do not have
anyone who is walking in the fullness of Jehovah to teach us these things.
Everybody you meet today is a Christian because they belong to some organised
church. I know if the teachers did not take the time out for a relationship
with Jesus, and ask Him to teach them, they will teach what some professor
taught them, so I really cannot expect anything else from the people who tell
me that they are Christians because of membership in a congregation. Unfortunately,
heaven only knows of one church and that is the church that Jesus said that He
would build and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Reading the
Bible I found out that I could search for Jehovah and He would let me find Him,
so I spent some time talking to Him and He made me know that He is real and if
I want to live this new life that Jesus died for, I would have to follow Jesus
and keep His commandments. It is Jesus and Jesus alone who can make us
righteous to stand before the throne of Jehovah; not what we wear or what we
don’t wear. No matter what we wear down here, we shall never enter heaven
because of that.

To be a born again child of
Jehovah, one has to have proof. Our life is not a club and we do not serve
Father Jehovah without knowing that He does exist. We have proof that He is
real and Jesus is raised from the dead, but only those that hunger and thirst after
righteousness and have a desire to know have proof.

The Cayman Islands are full of
man-made religious traditions. Every congregation has its own idea of how to
live for Jehovah. The scriptures tell us that the Israelites who lived under
the law were stiff-necked and hard-hearted against Jehovah. I wonder if that is
what happened against Jesus. Don’t they believe about the crucifixion and the
resurrection and all the things that we can have because of the covenant of
love through Jesus? He brought His kingdom to Earth. He brought peace, health,
wealth, everything that we could ever need.

It is not a story; it is a reality.
When you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you become one of the
most powerful human beings on earth. The same power that raised Jesus Christ
from the dead is in you. Everything heaven holds belongs to you because He
makes us an heir with Himself. It sounds unreal but you will only receive these
things if you want to live the life.

Jesus is Lord Jehovah and the king
of glory, not just a good prophet. So Caymanians, repent, ask Jehovah to
forgive, admit you were wrong, turn your life over to Jesus Christ, renew your
mind, start talking like Jehovah, love each other and become brides of Christ,
get into His Kingdom where all your needs are met whether there is a recession
or not, because His bride has nothing to do with recession due to the fact that
He is our source for everything.

Velma Herod

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