Rawlinson and Hunter waste it

Sometimes bad passes can be the
difference between a win and loss.

That theory applies to most team
sports in Cayman and was a reality last Saturday at the netball courts at
Truman Bodden.

Rawlinson and Hunter lost a tough
game to Rising Stars World Gym 29-14, mostly due to passes that failed to

To their credit RS jumped on the
mistakes early as the side had a 10-3 edge in the first quarter before squaring
with the law firm 6-6 in the second quarter.

A seven point lead for RS would
grow in the second half as the team finished the game with 9-1 and 4-4 scores
in the final two quarters.

Offensively RS made the most of
extra possessions with their attacking core of Goal Shooter Geraldeen “Tiki”
Smith, Goal Attack Marcia Moiten and Wing Attack Tricia Skyers-Palacio.

All shot the ball well (with Smith
flashing her long range shooting on occasion), positioned themselves well
(Moiten did an especially good job receiving passes) and gave great hustle
(Skyers-Palacio was second to none in that regard).

Those players got the ball early
and often thanks to the ball-hawking antics of Centre Casy Swaby and Wing
Defense Pheona Phimmer.

Hardly any loose ball or short pass
went by without those ladies getting their hands on them.

All would be a great thorn in the
side for the R and H defense. Wing Defense Isa Eden, Goal Defense Bobeth
O’Garro and Goal Keeper Delecia Ebanks had their hands full dealing with the
wave after wave of offense.

Eden did well to
fight for the ball on the edge, O’Garro (who also spent time on offense) had
active hands that knocked the ball away from attackers and Ebanks used her body
well in making RS work for their shots.

Unfortunately the ladies didn’t get
much help from their attacking players who had an unusually off night
connecting passes upfront.

Responsible for that was the
quartet of GS Laurie Webster (known for her exploits in basketball and flag football),
GA Melanie Lewis (who didn’t get the ball enough close to the basket), WA
Catherine Anderson (usually an accurate passer) and C Alicia Dixon (who had a
number of her passes picked off).

Then again all must be commended
for keeping their energy level up in spite of the mistakes.

Holding steady on defense for World
Gym were the duo of GD Wendy Fisher and GK Rosemarie Wilson. Active hands and
fierce determination was the staple of Fisher’s contribution on the night.

Her experience and leadership also
helped to guide Wilson
and her endless athleticism. Wilson
made a play on almost every ball thrown her way and almost single-handedly
frustrated the attackers.

Another interesting aspect for the
game was the subs. World Gym had three on their bench in Patrice Booth, Josefa
Martinez and Tracey Swaby.

Meanwhile Rawlinson and Hunter
could only get one on the stats sheet in Tatiana Dell. Basketball star Scimone
Campbell was present in team uniform but was not allowed on the bench due to
registration issues.

With the win Rising Stars improve
to 1-1 while Rawlinson and Hunter fall to 1-2.

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