Seize the day

February has rolled onto the
calendar, and with it comes a new sense of opportunity and optimism. 

The days of January have most
likely been somewhat challenging; there have been family crises, disturbing
news, maybe the loss of a loved one, diet promises forgotten, and paying off of
Christmas expenditures.  Let January go
with no regrets and welcome the new month. 

As we begin February, I hope it is
with renewed commitment to life and positive well being.  “Each day is a new beginning to a wise man”,
(and also a wise woman), states an old proverb. 

What new beginnings would you like
to see manifested in your life and what can you do to initiate the change?

New gyms, yoga studios and programmes
are opening all over our fair island to support your desire to improve health,
strengthen physically, slim down and restore balance. 

What we do on a daily basis in our
private lives is often more important than that hour at the class or with your
personal coach.

Making choices that support your
health and wellness daily on your own are important, and indicate a healthy
self esteem.  Lifestyles offers simple
tips with you in mind this February.

Be sure to keep annual medical
checkups with your physician. Book today.

Start and end each day with a time
of quiet for reflection and relaxation to reduce excessive mental activity.

Develop daily healthy eating
patterns – food is your fuel right down to the cellular level.  Understand the importance of food and

Get active five times a week.  Let no habit or excuse deter you.  Start today.

Set new goals.  My weight-loss group is focused only on the
next eight weeks till Easter and what they can accomplish by that time.

Guide your life by standards that
increase your energy and vitality such as going to bed early (at least on
weeknights), minimising alcohol or coffee, eating well and developing positive
thinking patterns.  Begin today.

Laugh more.  Laugh often, laugh long, help others to laugh,
be with people who make you laugh.  Laugh

All these and more are lifestyle
tips that you can begin today to improve where you find yourself physically and

Carpe diem – Seize the day.   


Laughing and making others laugh is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

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