Moobs ops rise by 80 per cent

Moobs operations rise by 80 per cent as men choose surgery to rid
them of unsightly ‘man boobs’, an audit of surgeons in the United Kingdom has

Cosmetic surgery procedures
increased last year despite the financial downturn, according to an audit by
the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The biggest rise has been in
surgery for man boobs, medically known as gynaecomastia.

Last year 581 men had cosmetic
surgery for the condition, which can be caused by hormone treatment for cancer
or being overweight.

The British Association of
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons only admits surgeons with extra training in cosmetic
surgery to ensure they are skilled.

The association represents about
one third of the cosmetic surgeons working in Britain so the total number of
moobs operations last year could be more than 1,500.

Overall last year the number of
procedures carried out by BAAPS surgeons rose by 6.7 per cent to reach more
than 36,400.

Female procedures increased by five
per cent while male procedures rose by a fifth.

Rajiv Grover, consultant plastic
surgeon and BAAPS Secretary responsible for the UK national audit of cosmetic
surgery, said: “This year we have recorded a dramatic rise in a number of male
surgical procedures, probably due to heightened media attention, which has
allowed men to realise the positive outcomes that can be achieved.

“The continued popularity of
brow lifts and eyelid surgery may mean that patients still keen to have
rejuvenating treatments despite the recession, are choosing more cost-effective
measures such as targeting one particular feature, rather than having a whole
facelift,” Dr. Grover said.

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