Ebanks is proud to help West Bay

The second week of the West Bay
district volleyball league takes place tomorrow night.

The John A Cumber primary school
hall is expected to see a bevy of games starting from 6pm.

Up first are the kids in the youth
league as the Incredibles battle Star Ballers at 6:30pm. Star Ballers then go
back in action at 7pm against the Warriors.

From there come the adults as the
Matadors face Above The Net at 7:30pm, North West Pointers take on West Bay
Spikers at 8pm and Future SC wraps things up at 8:30pm against the Upsetters.

All of those matches come after the
opening rounds of the league were played over the last two weekends.

League official and member of the
West Bay Sports Committee Gerry Robinson felt everything has gone well so far.

“My particular interest was the
youth teams. No matter if the play was good, bad or indifferent there were
words of encouragement from the spectators; a far cry from all the negative
happenings around us.

“A lot of these children have never
touched a volleyball before and it will be interesting to watch their progress
over the duration of the league.

“Day after day we tend to operate
in the same circles but this event seeks to bring all West Bayers together. I
would encourage everyone to come out at least one night before the end of
the league. I truly believe that, a community that plays together, stays together.”

One face locals can look for
tomorrow and throughout the league is Danny Ebanks. The true-and-true West
Bayer is a player coach for the Matadors.

Ebanks, 39, is no stranger to local
sports having gained notoriety lately playing local basketball and five-a-side

In fact he was an integral part of
the CFP Buzz Crusaders team that won the WestTel division three five-a-side
championship last season.

Like many participants Ebanks got
involved because it was a benefit to him and the district.

“Anything I can do to help with the
community I go and do it. It felt good playing and there were a lot of positive
vibes. It was good to see the people come with their kids. There was a lot of
mingling with the young and older people.

“Then again I try to stay active
sports-wise and keep in the best shape I can.”

Ebanks is making the league a
family affair as his children all take part. Eldest son Joseph, 17, and son
Moses, 14, are in the youth league with Moses joining dad on the Matadors.

Joseph already has a strong link to
local sports. He played for Future SC, alongside his dad, in division two of
the men’s basketball league last year.

In addition both boys have a sister
Jonelle, 13, who might be the next great volleyball prodigy. She plays in the
league for the Star Ballers youth team and on the Scholars adult side alongside
Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation President Noel Williams.

All of that sports talent in the
family leaves Ebanks, who spends his days as a Port Authority worker, feeling
like a proud father.

“My kids keep me going. It’s great
seeing them into sports as well.”

The West Bay
league is one of the district sports initiatives currently happening. East End has a volleyball league of its own every
Saturday 6:30pm at the East End Civic Centre.

In addition there is a swimming
program for young children every Saturday at 3pm at Ocean Frontiers. All will
wrap up by the end of March.

Ultimately Ebanks is a fan of
district sports and sees the West
Bay league fostering
community spirit.

“I don’t really play too much
volleyball other than for fun on the beach or something. In fact the last time
I played indoors was in P.E. class in high school.

“But this is nice, I really like
it. It’s a good idea because it gives people in the community a chance to know
each other.

“We might all live
the same district but there’s a good chance we’ve never met face-to-face.”


Danny Ebanks and son Moses are into the league.
Matthew Yates

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