Vet Ford is now a classic

Last weekend was a big boon to
local motorsports.

Breakers Speedway
hosted an international drag meet that drew three racers from Jamaica and Florida.

Numerous track records were broken
and some 2,000 people turned up.

In the midst of that hype were
local racers who came out in force and held their own on the track.

From providing interesting heats to
doing burnouts and other tricks spectators were amazed and entertained by Cayman’s

In fact there were more than a few theatrics
from the bike community as two riders did hand-stands and wheelies with their
bikes. Even a minor crash was part of the action.

Not to be outdone was Cayman’s star
bike man Dante Ross Hydes. The West
Bay native delivered
three record-breaking runs that etched his name even deeper in racing folklore.

Of course there was no shortage of
four-wheel car action on the 1/8 mile track. From Toyota Supras to a Ford
Mustang and even a Porsche 911 Carrerra many rides were smoking at Breakers.

At the end of the day a few drivers
stood out for their success in the various time classes.

Even though he lost in the nine
second class finals Jordan Seales deserves props. He ran his Honda Integra
Type-R well.

Over in the eight second class
Annif Forsythe ran his black No Limit Mitsubishi Evolution III to victory. He
defeated Robert Thompson in the yellow Ford Mustang in the final.

The seven second class would see
Marlon Ford (a man among boys at 46 years-old) guide his Evo III to victory. He
beat out Kenrick Baker in his black Evo III.

The six second class saw Junior
Hydes claim victory in his Evo III over Patrick Campbell’s Nissan Skyline while
Jody Jervis won props in beating visiting racer Craig Lue. 

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