Visitors sizzle Breakers track

Motorsports fans were in seventh
heaven over the weekend.

Arguably the sport’s biggest event
of the year lived up to the hype.

Breakers Speedway saw some 2000 people show up to
watch some of Cayman’s fastest rides make blazingly quick runs.

Adding to the excitement was the
presence of two Jamaican dragsters in Craig Lue and Dean Shaw.

Lue came to the track behind the
wheel of his blue Mitsubishi Evolution VII which makes some 900whp on 35lbs of

The car came to Cayman with the
reputation as having the fastest four cylinder engine in Jamaica. It
reportedly ran the ¼ mile at 9.5s at 148mph.

Lue said in passing on Sunday that
the car can now runs in the eight second class consistently and on the 1/8 mile
track he showed its power.

The blue Evo would drive the crowd wild
with its five second runs and it eventually set the track’s AWD record.  

Shaw rumbled along Breakers in his
white 1969 drag-prepped Chevy Camaro. With his large 383 modified stroker
engine on display there was no doubt the Jamaican brought some serious muscle.

When it was all said and done Shaw
made two five second runs, easily putting himself in the history books with the
fastest muscle car Cayman has ever seen.

Arguably the highlight of their
trip was runs against some of Cayman’s fastest. In particular their races
against Jody Jervis and his white Nissan Skyline (which is now officially the
fastest car at Breakers) ignited the crowd and saw many people wave their
Cayman flags.

Of course the visiting racers
brought with them a strong fan base. Many, including a few ladies, came from Jamaica just to
see the pair compete.

For the record the track saw
another guest in Floridian bike rider Victor Gotay, who had blazing times on a
blue Suzuki 400.

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