British Airways looks to develop Caribbean services

British Airways has set out their
intent to further develop their relationship with the Caribbean.

Richard Tams, BA’s head of sales
and marketing in the UK and Ireland, gave a presentation at the Caribbean
Tourism Outlook conference in Jamaica where he reiterated the company’s intention
to create ‘effective airlift’ as a long-haul carrier.

BA are the largest UK carrier to the Caribbean,
with 55 flights each week. According to Mr. Tams the reasons why the carrier
selected this part of the world were that it was a premium destination; there
was premium cabin demand; it had high yield and was profitable. The region is
under-served by direct flights, he added.

He pointed at the wide range of
islands, ground product, planned new developments and proactive tourist boards
as opportunities for the carrier.


Strategies included partnering with
tourist boards and tour operator partners and a premium leisure focus.

A number of elements of future
route development by British Airways were highlighted during the presentation.

They included growing the large
routes that already exist; introducing new routes across the Caribbean islands,
Mexico and Central
America; new non-stop flights; better planning and lead time; new
sales, marketing and distribution models; tour operating allocations and a
development of

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