Go-kart track to open this month

The first racers have taken to the wheel
on the Cayman’s new go-karting track.

Members of the Cayman Motorsports
Association, who helped to install tyre barriers and other equipment at the
track, and check its safety, were the first to be given the chance to try it

The karting track is scheduled to
open on Saturday, 20 February.

CMA President Bobby Hulse said: “We
have been watching the development of the track with great interest and didn’t
want to make any opinions about the track or its layout until it was done.

“Now that it’s done and we have had
a chance to take a spin on it all I can say is it’s a blast.  It’s tons of fun but I think it will be a
great teaching tool for up and coming drivers also as the karts teach some very
fine control points.

“I think it will be very

The track, an asphalt paved surface
measuring approximately 1,000 feet in total distance with the possibility of
three different course layouts, will challenge drivers on multiple levels.

In the interest of safety, the race
track is lined with tyres and advanced water-filled barriers to protect drivers
from accidents and injuries.

Members of the association spent
Friday 5 February drilling and binding tyres graciously by Automotive Art on
the sides of the track, using tools provided by AI Group Ltd and Parker’s to
make suitable barriers that to kart racers if they run off the track at Hidden
Lagoon Drive, off Sparkys Drive.

Director of Cayman Karting, which
owns the track, Alasdair Foster, offered the CMA members, all die-hard
motorsports enthusiasts, the chance to be the first to race the 10 karts
imported from Britain around the track.

The first few laps were taken
slowly by most to get a feel for the karts and the track but those who’ve experienced
kart racing before were right at home cutting tight corners, burning rubber and
trying to find the fastest line around the track, according to Mr. Hulse.

Competitive five-lap races began
and it was noticed that the karts were in need of some final tuning which meant
a couple of the karts were slightly faster than the others, giving their
drivers a slight advantage over the rest of the field.

“I’m extremely grateful for
CMA’s help setting up the tyre barriers on Friday night, not to mention their
advice and support throughout the process of getting the track started,” said Mr.

He added: “It was definitely
appropriate that they were the first to race the karts on the track and I’m
very happy that everybody enjoyed the experience.”

The karts can be used by drivers
aged 14 and over. Karts for younger participants “are on their way”, but will
not be available when the track opens to the public later this month, said Mr.

For more information on the new karting track,
www.caymankarting.com. For details on CMA events, email [email protected]


Members of the Cayman Motorsports Association take to the new track.
Photo: Submitted

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