Getting there slow

– Even the best laid plans can go awry and the organisers of the Winter
Olympics in Canada must be wishing that Mother Nature would give them a break
and provide more snow.

has been the bane of the otherwise excellent Games in Vancouver and Whistler so
far. Cayman’s Dow Travers competes in the giant slalom on Sunday but in the
week he has been based in Whistler had a frustrating time waiting for a decent
hard, icy surface to train on. That didn’t happen until Monday.

Carmichael is the Chef de Mission for the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee. He
said: “We’re getting there slowly. Dow’s been here for a week and this is the
first day he’s been able to get on the mountain. When we originally got here it
was raining and the slopes were too soft to train on. But now it’s snowed the
last couple of days, visibility is back after all the fog, the temperature has
dropped so Dow is able to go on the hill.

is struggling to get on the slopes and get some hill time and get used to the
conditions. It’s icy and granular and all over the place very soft snow.

is in good shape. He’s been doing a lot of dry land training, working through
his kit, ensuring everything’s all right. His coach, Gene Bridgewater, is
happy. They’ve made connections with other teams and jumped in and made
training runs with them.


Dow Travers carries flag at the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver.
Ron Schillingford

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