Keen students learn FAST


The bulletmen came and took their
knocks yet they are limbering up for more next month.

Interest continues to grow for Fast
Adrenal Stress Training Defence seminars.

Over 20 people showed up two Saturdays
ago for the FAST Defence empowerment seminar at Prep Primary School.

There were plenty of fresh faces
this time and a bigger ratio of men, about a third.

“Some of the top companies on the
island continue to send their staff to our courses,” said chief instructor
Bob Daigle.

“We had a large number of students
from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association as well as a cross section of people
from the general public and the financial industry attend.

“We also had an entire family
including a mom, dad, teenage daughter and son take part. It must have been
comforting for the parents to watch their teenage children learn the skills on
how to avoid conflict as well as watching them successfully fight off the

Sophia Scott is a Maples and Calder
lawyer. She said: “I really enjoyed the self defence class.

“I am very happy that the seminar
gave guidance in relation to managing one’s increased level of adrenaline where
fear is involved.

“It does not matter how well
someone is trained; if one cannot use one’s increased level of adrenaline and
channel it towards defending oneself, then all the training in the world would
not have helped.

“Bob’s training has helped me to be
a more confident person. I do feel that I have a few basic tools to defend myself
in a situation if I am ever attacked.”

Scott is keen to attend more

“We have secured the Prep School
for another basics seminar on Saturday 13 March,” said Daigle.

“For those who have been asking for
an advanced seminar we plan to host a ground fighting seminar on the same date
in the afternoon.

“This course teaches you how to
defend yourself from various positions while on the ground. We continue to
offer a 100 per cent money back guarantee if you are not blown away by any of
our courses. This is the training we all should have had when we were growing

In the year the FAST seminars have
been run here, Daigle, a karate instructor, has taught The Cayman Islands
Monetary Authority, The Cayman Island Yellow Pages, Blackbeard’s Liquors, Savanah
Primary, Prospect Primary and the Girls Home amongst many others.

For more information including
email video clips contact Bob Daigle at [email protected] or call 925-6946

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