Today’s Editorial for February 18: Another innocent life

Dear God help us.

That can be the only reaction to
the news that a child – yes an innocent 4-year-old child – has been killed
because of a stray bullet in an apparently intended shooting in West Bay.

What is our country coming to?

We have gotten to the point when it
is not even safe for a family of four to travel to a neighbourhood petrol

It’s bad enough that a child has
been killed, but what of the effects on the children at the nearby playfield
who witnessed the violence?

What are we teaching them?

The level of crime on Grand Cayman
is now officially out of control.

Is this what had to happen to get
people’s attention?

Far too long we have levelled the
finger of blame straight at the Royal Islands Police Services, but folks, they
can’t do it alone.

Apparently because a child was
killed in this latest incident, people came forward with information.

Well, it’s about time.

Far too long people with
information about the myriad of shootings and killings in this country have
remained silent. Many have done so behind the veil of fear of reprisal. Maybe
if information on the people who killed this precious child had been turned
over to police before Monday night the lad might still be alive today.

Quit putting self before the safety
of our country.

If you know about this latest
needless killing or past shootings and needless acts of violence or death,
contact someone in authority.

It is time for all of us who live
in these Islands to take our country out of the grip of crime.

Police Commissioner David Baines
has hit the nail square on the head – This is indeed Cayman’s wake up call.

We do need to work together to stop
the thugs that seem to be hell-bent on taking over our streets, neighbourhoods,
communities and indeed country.

No more innocent lives need to be
wasted at the hands of those with gangster mentalities.

These people wreaking havoc in our
lives are the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren of people who
live here. Someone knows and someone should be telling.


  1. Cayman’s only hope in sharing in the region’s tourism rebound is to make Cayman safe again, and therefore a place worth visiting. My wife and I had fallen in love with Grand Cayman after our first visit years ago, but decided at the moment that Cayman would be our vacation place for the rest of our lives, and had even planned to retire there if at all possible, but after reading of the latest shooting incident, of multiple robberies, machete attacks, break-ins, and other assaults, we have decided, sadly, that returning to Cayman is not worth the risk to our own safety. It’s sad that it has come to this, but it makes more sense to go somewhere else that may even offer less, or be less beautiful, but safer, than to gamble with our lives hoping that we won’t be the next innocent bystander killed, or the next victim of a violent crime in what used to be a tropical paradise.

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