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RCIPS: Officers not severely impacted by forced retirement

The Attorney General’s Chambers on Tuesday defended former Police Commissioner David Baines’s hiring and retirement decisions, as an appeal hearing continued into claims by former Caymanian police officers that they were discriminated against when forced to retire.
RCIPS Station

Appeal begins for police discrimination lawsuit

An appeals hearing began on Tuesday involving former Caymanian police officers who claim they were discriminated against on the grounds of age and nationality when they were forced to retire or accept a demotion at age 55.

RCIPS officers’ discrimination claims rejected

A Cayman Islands Grand Court judge has rejected claims in a 2016 lawsuit that the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service employed discriminatory practices in deciding which senior officers should be retired and when those retirements should occur.

Bush drops Florida court action against FCO staffer

Cayman Islands Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush has abandoned an attempt via the American courts to retrieve years’ worth of emails and other documents from a U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office employee as part of a lawsuit Mr. Bush filed in 2015 claiming wrongful prosecution.

UK official seeks to block disclosure in Bush lawsuit

A Miami-based U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office employee is opposing an application for disclosure in a civil lawsuit filed against former top Cayman Islands officials who were accused of conspiring to topple former Cayman Premier McKeeva Bush’s government in 2011-2012.

Police: Operation Tempura case closed

More than four years after criminal allegations were brought against former Operation Tempura senior investigator Martin Bridger, Mr. Bridger and his former second-in-command, U.K. police officer Richard Coy, have been cleared of any suspected wrongdoing.

Police force to increase to 450 officers

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is slated to hire more officers within the next three years than it ever has, according to government budget plans.

EDITORIAL – The case against reckless speech: Exhibit ‘Alden’

The concept of free speech is the foundation upon which all other rights are based.

EDITORIAL – New Year’s Honours: Going, going, ‘gong’

When the United Kingdom announced the annual New Year Honours, we eagerly scanned the list of names for Cayman Islands residents … But alas, this year, it seems, was not Cayman’s year.

Children lost at sea in boat tragedy

The tragic story of five boaters, including two young children, who went missing at sea in the early part of 2016 contributed to a public backlash against the police that prompted the early departure of Police Commissioner David Baines.

EDITORIAL — Year in review

Today we are featuring excerpts from some of the most interesting, compelling and entertaining editorials that have appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2016, on some of the most important issues facing our country.

New police commissioner heads to Brac

Cayman’s new Police Commissioner Derek Byrne heads to the Sister Islands on Friday for his first visit there since taking up the commissioner’s post on Nov. 7. The commissioner is expected to meet with police officers and community members during the two-day trip.

Baines replaced in British Virgin Islands corruption probe

A police corruption probe in the British Virgin Islands is proceeding under new leadership following the departure of Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: The police, Baines were right

The exoneration of police officers’ actions during the search for the five missing boaters is good news for law enforcement, and therefore good news for our country.

Baines departs citing political interference

Former police commissioner David Baines left the Cayman Islands this week insisting he was the victim of a baseless, politically motivated smear campaign.

Two UK police superintendents join RCIPS

Two veteran British police officers have been hired to fill crucial operational and investigative command roles at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Police say goodbye to their own

Ever since Commissioner David Baines and two of his senior officers, Superintendents Michael Cranswick and Robert Scotland, announced they were leaving their posts at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, they have been attending functions (usually in their honor) and saying long goodbyes to friends, acquaintances and well-wishers.

Police review, succession up to next commissioner

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick said Tuesday that all matters relating to general police operational reviews, as well as training and succession planning for Caymanian officers, will be left to the next commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

EDITORIAL – Cops vs. crime: Choose a side

In its purest form, the conflict between the police and crime has only two dimensions. We know whose side we’re on — the police. As for the allegiance of our legislators …

Police’s finest honored at gala

For exhibiting calmness, professionalism and restraint during dangerous situations involving firearms, veteran Police Constable Fernando Soto was honored as Police Officer of the Year during the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Outstanding Service Awards.

EDITORIAL – Democracy working as intended

The Speaker and the Premier are under no obligation to facilitate political grandstanding by minority MLAs eager to wrap themselves in the mantle of "parliamentary privilege."

RCIPS loses other senior commanders

At least two other senior Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers are due to depart in the next few months, in addition to Commissioner David Baines and Deputy Commissioner Stephen Brougham, the Cayman Compass has learned.

Cayman seeks new top cop, deputy

The Cayman Islands government is advertising to fill two of its top three police positions following the abrupt announcement of Police Commissioner David Baines’s departure from the service.

EDITORIAL – Crowd control: Congestion in our courts, prison

If there are two problems for which Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines could be held responsible — it’s clogging up our country’s courtrooms and Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward.

UPDATE: No shows thwart emergency LA meeting 

All eight elected members of the Progressives political party did not attend an emergency meeting of the Legislative Assembly Wednesday morning, leading House Speaker Juliana O’Connor-Connolly to adjourn the meeting and summons the missing members to appear later in the day.

CCTV did not catch North Side burglars

Camera nighttime images are poor quality, police officers say

Three BVI police officers charged in Baines-led probe

A corruption investigation in the British Virgin Islands led by Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines put three BVI-based officers in court Tuesday.

Governor says Baines is owed payout

Outgoing Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines is due his final year’s pay and benefits – including more than $130,000 in salary – following his separation from the police service a year before the end of his contract, according to Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s office.

EDITORIAL – Baines departure: A loss for the Cayman Islands

In a laboratory, there are certain chemicals that, individually, are benign or even beneficial — but, when combined, create nitroglycerine. In the real world, two such substances are politics and policing.

Police Commissioner Baines to leave post by end of May

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick announced the departure of Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines by the end of May in a surprise public statement Tuesday afternoon.

Baines to leave post as commissioner at end of May

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Commissioner David Baines will be leaving his post at the end of May.

EDITORIAL – Police and crime: ‘Lack of confidence’ – in lawmakers

“Lack of confidence” motions are serious parliamentary business. However, the particular motion being brought by independent and opposition lawmakers against Police Commissioner David Baines is not.

EDITORIAL – The problem with crime in Cayman

The Cayman Islands remains in denial about many issues, including the problem of crime.

Governor backs Baines despite ‘lack of confidence’ motion

Governor Helen Kilpatrick in a statement Wednesday, said, “The RCIPS and its leadership have my support and confidence,” in response to an announcement by independent and opposition legislators that they intend to bring a legislative motion of “no confidence” in the governance of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: A regrettable response to the police response

When a tragedy occurs, a natural reaction is to look for reasons … then, failing that — to look for scapegoats.

Baines rebuffs ‘litany of accusations’

Alleging misconduct and “inadequate performance” by Cayman’s top police officer dating back to 2009, West Bay MLA Bernie Bush filed a formal complaint against Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines last week.

Following guilty verdict, Bryan urges Caymanians to assist police

Kenneth Bryan does not agree with the outcome of his criminal trial this week, but he says he does not want his experience to influence how others deal with the police.

Operation Tempura files review ‘impeded’

The Cayman Islands information commissioner and the former senior investigator of the ill-fated Operation Tempura police corruption probe have alleged that top local officials took steps during the last two years to block public access and scrutiny to records related to the Tempura probe.

Call for police award nominations launched

The call for nominees for 2016 Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Awards was launched with a reception hosted by Governor Helen Kilpatrick at Government House on Tuesday night.

3rd request

Anti-Corruption Commission: No meeting in past 12 months

The last meeting of the Anti-Corruption Commission was on Feb. 13, 2015, a year ago Saturday.

EDITORIAL – Should police pack heat on the beat?

The news that more armed police officers have been put on regular patrol shifts is not cause for alarm, or even concern, but is...

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Be smart: Stay safe, drive sober

Even though we have no ice or snow on our roads, winter is the most treacherous time of year to be driving in the Cayman Islands. The culprit responsible for the heightened danger on our streets isn’t Mother Nature, but alcohol consumption, carelessness and risk-taking.

Dart donates vehicles to Special Constabulary

Dart handed over a special Christmas gift to the police’s Special Constabulary on Christmas Eve with the donation of two Land Rovers to be used in road safety operations.

Top stories of 2015: Bush, McLaughlin take legal action

Both Cayman's premier and opposition leader got litigious over the 2013 general election during 2015.

Car crashes pile up over holidays

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has seen close to double the number of vehicle accidents during its holiday season traffic crackdown than it recorded in the typical month during the rest of 2015.

Police theft: Missing drugs, missing answers

The recent revelation made by Police Commissioner David Baines — that suspected corrupt police officers are under investigation over the theft of $1 million in drugs from the George Town Police Station — could be cause for greater confidence in the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service or, potentially, the reverse.

Commissioner: Corrupt police played part in drug theft

Suspected corrupt police officers are under investigation over the theft of more than 50 kilograms of cocaine and ganja from the George Town Police Station, Commissioner David Baines has acknowledged.

New police recruits receive graduating certificates

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has added seven new officers to its ranks.

On corruption: The duties of the governor

The Cayman Islands has a reputation for being a hotbed of corruption, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Anti-Corruption Commission probing 12 cases

The Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission is actively investigating 12 cases of corruption, and incoming complaints have dropped by more than half since 2012-2013.

New year's jewelry robbers lose appeals

The appeals against sentence of three men who pleaded guilty last year to the 2014 New Year’s Day robbery of Diamonds International jewelry store were dismissed on Monday.

Police raise pay, hold 30 vacancies

Uniformed police officers will get an annual raise of $3,000 to $5,000 under the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s adjusted budget, Police Commissioner David Baines told his officers at their all-staff meeting Tuesday.

Police commend officers for bravery, proactive work

Seven police officers, along with the Air Operations Unit and the Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force, received commendations from the Commissioner of Police Tuesday at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s annual all-staff meeting.

Remembrance Sunday ceremonies honor our heroes

Veterans from two world wars and men who lost their lives at sea were honored Sunday in the annual Remembrance Day ceremonies on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Veterans and Seafarers Association members attending included those who served in World War II as well as Home Guard who performed distinctive service at home during the war.

Bush demands meeting on drugs stolen from police station

Cayman’s opposition party leader is demanding a private meeting with the police commissioner and deputy governor to discuss the status of a criminal investigation into the theft of large amounts of cocaine and ganja from a police storage bin earlier this year.

Police chief denies Bush conspiracy

Commissioner of Police David Baines has denied being involved in any conspiracy to unseat former Premier Mckeeva Bush as the elected leader of the Cayman Islands.

Opposition Leader Bush sues former governor, police chief

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush has filed a lawsuit against Police Commissioner David Baines and former Governor Duncan Taylor alleging they conspired to depose him as Premier of the Cayman Islands. In a writ of summons, filed with the Grand Court on Wednesday, attorneys acting for Mr. Bush claim the criminal investigation and charges laid against him were politically motivated.

More revelations on police station drugs theft

Opposition lawmakers took the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to task Thursday for what they alleged was an attempt to “hide” and to “lie” to the public regarding the theft of drugs from the George Town Police Station this summer.

‘Punchlines’: Slugger Alva Suckoo vs. Brawling ‘Bobby’ Peart

With pugilistic skills that might serve him well on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, slugger Alva Suckoo, MLA from Bodden Town, will be battling it out with policeman Michael “Bobby” Peart (better known to fight fans as “Bobby the Brawler”) Saturday night at the Lions Center.

Legal ganja no cash crop for Cayman

New legalized marijuana retailers in the United States, and the potential legal consequences for the Cayman Islands financial services industry, provide a ready reminder of our islands’ interconnectedness with the wider world.

Police Commissioner: Caribbean not immune to terror threat

Commissioner of Police David Baines says the Caribbean region is not immune to the threats stemming from global terrorism.

Store manager suspects teens in overnight heist

Boys perhaps as young as 13 or 14 were likely responsible for an overnight armed robbery Friday at a central George Town business, the store’s manager said following a review of closed circuit television footage.

Cayman government working on pay inequity

Civil service leaders insist they are still seeking to address concerns over pay inequality across government.

Police priorities: Burglars, not speeders

Tackling a rising number of burglaries and dealing with violent crime rather than handing out speeding tickets are the key priorities for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Baines: Legal aid cap would reduce delays

Reforming legal aid would help reduce delays clogging up the courts, according to Police Commissioner David Baines.

Criminal justice report: What it really says

The U.K. adviser's new report on criminal justice in the Cayman Islands is rather "understated." But that doesn't mean we should understate its importance.

Police commissioner backs calls for speedy justice

A system of on-the-spot fines and formal warnings should be used to deal with low-level offenses, including smoking ganja, Police Commissioner David Baines said.

Unnamed companies gifted almost $1M to CIFA

Almost $1 million in loans from unnamed private companies have been re-assigned as sponsorship income in the Cayman Islands Football Association’s 2013/14 accounts.

Pay increase for long-serving teachers

Long-serving public school teachers who have not seen pay increases in several years will get one this year.

Anti-Corruption Commission: Party of one

We don't disagree with the objection that the Anti-Corruption Commission has the wrong people on it. But our primary concern is more fundamental: The commission doesn't have enough people on it.

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