Baines to leave post as commissioner at end of May

David Baines
 David Baines
David Baines

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Commissioner David Baines will leave his post at the end of May. 

The surprise announcement was made in a statement by Governor Helen Kilpatrick on Tuesday afternoon.

The recent barrage of unfair criticism and defamatory comments has undermined the Commissioner’s authority to the extent that his leadership of the RCIPS is no longer tenable,” she said in the statement. “The Commissioner continues to have my support and will do so until he leaves his post.”

On Mr. Baines’s departure, Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis will take over as acting commissioner.

Pick up the Compass on Wednesday for the full report. 

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  1. Isn’t it about time people started blaming the criminals for the crimes, not blaming the police for them. It’s the job of the police to investigate and solve crimes. They can’t prevent all crime from happening. Only the criminals can do that. Or maybe the courts – impose sufficiently long and strict incarcerations that criminals are removed from society long enough so they cannot commit more crimes, or introduce others into a criminal life-style.
    I was saddened to see, yet again, that this issue was another opportunity for the racists to rear their ugly heads – calling for Mr Baines to be removed and replaced by a Caymanian, as if the nationality of our Police Commissioner was somehow to blame for the level of crime we all suffer from these days. If you can’t blame all the crimes on the ex-pats then let’s say our ex-pat police force members are to blame for it. Oh for goodness sake.
    The only people to blame for the crimes are the criminals, and the society that turns a blind eye, or thinks somehow it’s acceptable or even glamorous to be a drug dealer, carry a gun, etc.