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Family loss clouds governor’s arrival

Cayman’s new governor will arrive in the territory as planned next week, despite the recent death of his father.

Cayman’s first female governor says goodbye

Ending a four-and-a-half year term that made her one of Cayman’s longest-serving governors since the post was established in the early 1970s, Helen Kilpatrick bid farewell to the Cayman Islands in a small sending off party at Island Air Monday afternoon.

EDITORIAL – Best wishes to Governor Kilpatrick as she departs our shores

When Governor Helen Kilpatrick arrived in the Cayman Islands in the summer of 2013, her appointment represented a number of firsts for the office:

Plates and praise for Governor Kilpatrick

Governor Helen Kilpatrick was honored Friday, March 2, at an evening farewell reception on the lawn in front of Government House.

Parting message from Governor Helen Kilpatrick

It is with great sadness that I leave the Cayman Islands. From the moment I arrived in September 2013 – on the Honorable Premier’s birthday no less – I have felt welcome and happy here.

Governor Kilpatrick flies out Monday

Governor Helen Kilpatrick steps down from her role as Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in the Cayman Islands on Monday.

Fleet review honors outgoing governor

The Cayman Islands bid farewell Saturday to Governor Helen Kilpatrick, who will complete her tenure as governor next month.

Fleet review planned as a send-off for Gov. Kilpatrick

Possibly the first fleet review in the Cayman Islands is planned for noon Saturday, Feb. 24, at Seven Mile Beach. The event is a farewell to Governor Helen Kilpatrick, who will complete her tenure as governor next month.

Bill Hrudey receives MBE honor

Dr. Bill Hrudey was given the Member of the British Empire award on Thursday night at the Government House for helping promote science in the territory since he moved here in 1997.

UK experts to help set up Cayman coastguard

Two senior U.K. officers have been drafted to help the Cayman Islands create a new coastguard and border protection agency.

Governor to expedite citizenship bids

Recent permanent residence grantees who have waited more than 15 months to receive that immigration status may now apply immediately for naturalization as a British Overseas Territories citizen.

Residents invited to attend Remembrance Sunday events

The annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony will be held at the Cenotaph outside Elmslie Memorial Church in George Town on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Budget targets crime, education

Plans for an influx of 75 new police officers, a $9.6 million cash injection for education and funding for a series of major infrastructure projects were among the key commitments announced in the Cayman Islands government’s budget presentation Friday.

Poppy pinning kicks off fundraising drive for veterans

“Veterans, attention!” Cayman Islands Veterans Association President Andrew McLaughlin said as Governor Helen Kilpatrick walked into the lobby of the Government Administration Building on Tuesday morning.

Sunday alcohol sales: Church ministers’ letter to governor revealed

The Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman faced significant pressure over a decision to allow petrol stations to sell alcohol on Sundays, according to documents obtained by the Cayman Compass.

Red Cross appeals for Hurricane Irma monetary donations

The Cayman Islands Red Cross has started a Hurricane Irma appeal to help those in the region affected by the storm. “We really don’t know the extent of the damage as full assessments haven’t been conducted yet, but based on what we have seen and heard, Irma has been catastrophic."

Traffic accidents prompt safety campaign

A new road safety campaign, Share the Road, is under way in an effort to reduce the rising number of vehicle accidents on Cayman’s roads.

Cayman in Brexit talks with UK

Leaders from 10 British Overseas Territories, including Cayman, met with U.K. ministers in London on Wednesday to discuss Brexit negotiations. All attendees in Wednesday’s meeting were briefed on developments and preparations for talks with the EU.

Premier: Government to focus on ‘social issues’

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin told a group of U.K. lawmakers Monday that his newly formed unity government would focus on improving social issues during its four-year term, with the British territory now in a “good economic position.”

Firefighters train for search and rescue with British Royal Navy

Firefighters received training from the British Royal Navy this weekend in operating and handling a new boat and WaveRunners in search and rescue operations around Grand Cayman.

Haines to climb two volcanoes

Cayman’s star marathon runner Derek Haines jetted off to Guatemala Thursday to take on his next athletic feat for charity, after a proper send-off from the Central Caribbean Marine Institute and Governor Helen Kilpatrick at Government House.

UPDATED: New governor chosen for Cayman

A career diplomat who was not born in the United Kingdom has been chosen as Cayman’s new governor. Anwar Choudhury, 58, will take up the post in March 2018.

UK’s ambassador to Peru gets Cayman governor post

The United Kingdom has mined its international diplomatic pool for Cayman’s next governor.

UPDATED: Few surprises as government sworn in

A 13-member government was sworn in by Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick Wednesday morning in a Legislative Assembly ceremony.

UPDATE: Longtime rivals join forces to form coalition government

For the second time in four days, longtime political rivals Alden McLaughlin and McKeeva Bush agreed to form a coalition government.

Search widens in Manchester bombing; Cayman offers condolences

London Office Director Eric Bush said the office has checked the welfare of the three Caymanians registered as living in the Manchester area and all are fine. Mr. Bush said the blast hit a bit close to home for him as well.

Pre-election message: Governor Helen Kilpatrick

The election in the Cayman Islands comes just two weeks before the General Election in the United Kingdom. Both parliaments of course boast long histories.

Garden Club’s show celebrates 60 years

The South Sound Community Centre was bustling with activity as exhibitors and visitors admired the beautiful creations on display at the Garden Club’s 60th anniversary flower show.

Information chief ‘surprised’ at governor’s decision

Acting Information Commissioner Jan Liebaers said he was not consulted about Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s decision to quash the release of a $312,000 taxpayer-funded consultant’s report.

EDITORIAL – When government decides what’s in ‘the public interest’

The Ritch Report – the $312,000 consultant’s report on Cayman’s immigration system – was always a serious subject. But in the overall context of Cayman’s issues with 900-plus languishing permanent residence applications, potential human rights violations and looming legal ramifications, the governmental report on the topic was, relatively speaking, a sideshow to the main event

Governor Kilpatrick blocks access to ‘Ritch Report,’ nixes court challenge

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has ruled it “would not be in the public interest” for the territory’s information commissioner to see a copy of the immigration consultant’s report that taxpayers spent $312,000 to obtain last year. The decision by Governor Kilpatrick “shall not be subject to challenge in judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings of any kind,” according to the relevant section of the Freedom of Information Law.

Governor’s contract extended to March 2018

Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s contract in Cayman has been extended for a further six months.Ms. Kilpatrick, whose four-year term was due to end in September, will now be staying on until March 2018. She earlier received a one-year extension to her initial three-year contract.

Gov. Kilpatrick’s Cayman contract extended six months

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s contract in Cayman has been extended for a further six months. Ms. Kilpatrick, whose four-year term was due to end in September, will now be staying on until March 2018.

Legislature passed wrong bill, says governor

A legislative mishap has imperiled the enactment of a law regulating nonprofit organizations in the Cayman Islands, legislation considered necessary as the government prepares for an international review of its money laundering and terrorist financing protections later this year.

Flag-raising to mark Commonwealth Day

Local leaders and youth groups on Monday will mark Commonwealth Day’s 40th anniversary at a flag-raising ceremony from 9:45 to 10 a.m. at the Government Administration Building, part of an annual commemoration among 52 countries.

Police: Would-be robber shot security guard

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said Monday that a gunman opened fire on an armored vehicle driver during a robbery attempt. The guard was struck when shots were fired around 6:30 p.m. along Eastern Avenue, where the vehicle was picking up cash from a nearby money transfer business.

Governor Kilpatrick discharged from hospital following treatment

Governor Helen Kilpatrick was discharged from the Cayman Islands Hospital Thursday afternoon after undergoing treatment for a collapsed lung and four broken ribs after she fell over the weekend.

Governor Kilpatrick injured in fall

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has been hospitalized since Saturday after she was injured in a fall at her residence. Ms. Kilpatrick was admitted to hospital in George Town over the weekend after “slipping on a wet floor and injuring her ribs.”

Six Cayman attorneys named Queen’s Counsel

Six attorneys in the Cayman Islands have been appointed as Queen’s Counsel. Appointees include the first local criminal bar member, Benjamin Tonner, to be named to the position, according to a press release from the Cayman Islands Judicial Administration.

Mountains and marathons

Having now run over the 2,000-mile mark for the year, I thought it appropriate to give you a final update on this year’s challenge on behalf of the “Have a Heart” charity. As of now, 148 children have received life-saving/changing surgery at Health City Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL — Year in review

Today we are featuring excerpts from some of the most interesting, compelling and entertaining editorials that have appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2016, on some of the most important issues facing our country.

Christmas Message 2016: From Governor Helen Kilpatrick

Once again, we are approaching another wonderful Christmas season in the Cayman Islands. I am very much looking forward to spending Christmas here with my grown up children, and I hope that you will also be with family or friends at this special time.

UK Coastguard reviewing Cayman’s search and rescue capabilities

Officers from the United Kingdom Coastguard arrived in the Cayman Islands this week to review the country’s search and rescue capabilities. The police came under fire earlier this year when three men and two boys, ages 9 and 11, went missing at sea and emergency searchers did not deploy until the next morning.

Governor’s statement on permanent residence issues

Governor Helen Kilpatrick made the following comments Tuesday regarding the permanent residence issues:

EDITORIAL – Permanent residence: The premier’s deepening quagmire

Premier Alden McLaughlin and his Progressives government spent $312,000 of taxpayers’ money to commission a report on a subject — the Cayman Islands’ permanent residence system — that affects every person living in, or thinking about moving to, this country. And he does not want you to read a word of it.

Governor approves disabilities bill

Governor Helen Kilpatrick has approved a bill protecting the rights of disabled residents and visitors in the Cayman Islands. The Disabilities Bill, also known as the Solomon Webster Bill after a 24-year-old former Special Olympics athlete who was murdered, was unanimously passed by the legislature last month.

Heart Heroes recognized by Heart Fund

Some young, some old and even those with a history of heart problems, were recognized by Cayman Heart Fund on Friday for fighting for every heartbeat. Close to 300 people gathered in the Marriott Beach Resort to enjoy a thanksgiving lunch and lend their support to those who were either born with a heart condition or are suffering from a heart problem.

Governor awards conservationists

Bird field guide author Patricia Bradley was awarded the title of “Conservationist of the Year” in the 2016 Governor’s Conservation Awards. Ms. Bradley, author of three field guides and a British Ornithologists’ Union checklist, was given the award for her contributions to Caribbean ornithology.

Crystal Caves wins Governor’s Conservation Award

North Side’s Crystal Caves attraction is the winner of one of this year’s Governor’s Conservation Awards. The Governor’s Conservation Awards, developed by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands aim to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of historic preservation and environmental conservation.

Delaney boosts Mountains and Marathons charity effort

Shane Delaney, a member of the Mountains and Marathons team, recently returned from Barcelona, Spain, where he completed the Ironman in support of Have A Heart. Delaney finished the 70.3-mile challenge in a “very impressive” time of 12 hours, 24 minutes, a press release states.

New helipad for Faith Hospital

A new helipad at the Brac’s Faith Hospital is providing the island with a much needed dedicated emergency landing site. At an opening ceremony held on Monday, Oct. 3, visiting U.K. Overseas Territories Minister, Baroness Joyce Anelay, and Governor Helen Kilpatrick cut the ribbon on the hospital’s new emergency helipad.

‘I will wear it with pride’: Veteran pins governor with first poppy

Shadden McLaughlin, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, pinned the first poppy on Governor Helen Kilpatrick Monday morning, launching this year’s annual Poppy Appeal. Governor Kilpatrick told veterans at the ceremony at the Government Administration Building, “I will wear it with pride.”

Baroness takes in Sister Islands sights

The U.K. Overseas Territories Minister, Baroness Joyce Anelay, made a brief but action-packed visit to the Sister Islands Monday. With a busy itinerary, the baroness visited a number of sites on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Premier: Free Jamaican work permit story ‘bogus’

A recent online report claiming that the Cayman Islands government had agreed to give Jamaican citizens working here free work permits and allowed them to enter Cayman without a visa for up to six months is entirely false, Premier Alden McLaughlin’s office said Monday.

Petition seeks dismissal of officers in sex abuse investigation

An online petition has been circulated asking Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick to change the way local police handle child sex abuse cases in the wake of a court verdict last week that cited a “grossly incompetent” investigation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Governor slams RCIPS for ‘failings’ in child abuse probe

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick lambasted what she called the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s “failings” that led to Thursday’s acquittal of two child abuse suspects in a case that involved allegations of sexual assault against an 11-year-old girl.

Governor rates policies, premier in FCO memos

Recent internal communications between the Cayman Islands governor and the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office were made public last week, involving Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s summations of current government policies.

Students selected for Chevening Scholarship

Two young Caymanians were honored for their success as 2016 Chevening Scholarship recipients at a private ceremony.

Honduran president visits Cayman

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez will be paying Cayman a brief visit on Friday.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s new anti-corruption ‘Dream Team’

On occasion a government announcement hits our inboxes carrying a certainty that, in this case, this group of individuals will have a significant impact on the workings of the public sector.

Responders get plane crash refresher

First responders got a refresher course in aviation disaster management when the Cayman Islands Airports Authority simulated a plane crash on Wednesday afternoon.

Governor approves plan for JPs to join search review

Governor Helen Kilpatrick has agreed to sanction two Caymanian justices of the peace to assist in the inquiry into the police search and rescue effort for five missing boaters.

Police review, succession up to next commissioner

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick said Tuesday that all matters relating to general police operational reviews, as well as training and succession planning for Caymanian officers, will be left to the next commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

NEW: Governor brings in UK coastguard to review missing boaters case

The U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency will conduct an independent review of the local police force’s response in a missing persons investigation at sea that occurred in early March.

EDITORIAL – Gov. Kilpatrick: Three cheers for one more year

It comes as welcome news that Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has decided to extend her time in office another year, until September 2017.

EDITORIAL – Baines departure: A loss for the Cayman Islands

In a laboratory, there are certain chemicals that, individually, are benign or even beneficial — but, when combined, create nitroglycerine. In the real world, two such substances are politics and policing.

Baines to leave post as commissioner at end of May

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Commissioner David Baines will be leaving his post at the end of May.

EDITORIAL – The problem with crime in Cayman

The Cayman Islands remains in denial about many issues, including the problem of crime.

Governor backs Baines despite ‘lack of confidence’ motion

Governor Helen Kilpatrick in a statement Wednesday, said, “The RCIPS and its leadership have my support and confidence,” in response to an announcement by independent and opposition legislators that they intend to bring a legislative motion of “no confidence” in the governance of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

West Bay students take part in Commonwealth Day march

Sir John A. Cumber Primary School students participated in Commonwealth Day last week.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: A regrettable response to the police response

When a tragedy occurs, a natural reaction is to look for reasons … then, failing that — to look for scapegoats.

Public invited to Commonwealth flag raising

The public is invited to attend a flag hoisting ceremony on Monday, Commonwealth Day, at the Government Administration Building grounds on Elgin Avenue.

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