Having now run over the 2,000-mile mark for the year, I thought it appropriate to give you a final update on this year’s challenge on behalf of the “Have a Heart” charity.

As of now, 148 children have received life-saving/changing surgery at Health City Cayman Islands. Another three have been assessed but, fortunately, did not require such urgent treatment. Four of the children are from Cayman and the rest from the Caribbean, Central and South America and other parts of the world.

The tasks set this year have certainly been challenging and I am grateful to the other athletes who took part, namely Rotarian Chris Bailey (Ironman, USA), Shane Delaney (Ironman, Barcelona), and Vico Testori and Barry Yetton (with me on the Bolivian three peaks). These tasks were in addition to the two marathons and 50K “Off the Beaten Track” races that I completed.

Other strong support came from past Rotary Presidents Chris Johnson (Treasurer) and Brian Hurley together with Rotarians Lissette Anez (MM4HH website), Tim Bradley and Marcos Montana (liaison and support group).

When one considers that it takes on average over $10,000 per child, the response from Cayman has been tremendous and from our Rotary club membership outstanding with donations of over $160,000, directly or indirectly, to the funds.

I am also grateful to Her Excellency and Honorary Rotarian Governor Helen Kilpatrick for her continued patronage and thanks again to all of you for the  huge support and encouragement.

At this time of year there can be no greater present than helping to give the gift of life, and you have certainly been instrumental in providing that to these children in desperate need.

Thank you all, and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and the very best for 2017.

Derek Haines