Police: Would-be robber shot security guard

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said Monday that a gunman opened fire on an armored vehicle driver during a robbery attempt.

The guard was struck when shots were fired around 6:30 p.m. along Eastern Avenue, where the vehicle was picking up cash from a nearby money transfer business.

It is understood that the security employee’s protective vest deflected the shots and that he was taken to hospital with injuries police described as non-life-threatening.

At least two gunshots were heard during the attempted robbery, according to witnesses who spoke with the Cayman Compass. The witnesses also said the suspect did not appear to have any covering over his face.

Police were reviewing closed-circuit television footage of the incident. No arrests were immediately reported.

RCIPS officers said the incident happened near the Crown Square Mall, formerly known as Trinity Square.

The suspect was not believed to have gotten away with any money from the truck.

Monday’s attempted robbery follows a string of six shootings since November, including three fatal shootings on Grand Cayman.

In late November 2016, a Caymanian man was gunned down in broad daylight on a street corner in central George Town. The victim, Damean Dwayne “Deebo” Seymour, was a known figure in Cayman’s criminal circles for more than a decade. No arrests have been made in connection with his killing.

On Dec. 26, a pair of shootings occurred on Boxing Day in West Bay and in George Town. An 18-year-old was shot at 4 a.m. in the vicinity of Fete nightclub on West Bay Road, the RCIPS said. Another shooting at 10:45 p.m. outside Super C restaurant on Watercourse Road, West Bay, involved a man in dark clothes shooting a 31-year-old man. Neither incident was fatal.

On Jan. 28, Mark “Hubba” Seymour was shot and killed outside Super C. Police have arrested another West Bay man, William Ian Rivers, in that case.

On Feb. 4, two people were injured in the vicinity of Fete nightclub in an early morning attack. Two men, ages 26 and 29, survived the incident.

The sixth shooting, on Jan. 6, involved police officers killing an armed suspect in George Town, the first incident of its kind in decades. The suspect, Norval Barrett of Jamaica, was believed to have been in Cayman illegally and was armed at the time he was shot, according to police. Bermuda police are reviewing the incident and are due to report their findings to Governor Helen Kilpatrick.

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  1. I wonder if all the people of Cayman Islands see that hiding these criminals is not doing them or the overall population any good.
    Just look at armor security guard that was shot , that Company now has to put more security on board the trucks , then they pass that extra expense on to the business , then the business past it on to the consumer , then the consumer is the one that pay and can’t pass on .

    I say if you know a criminal turn him/ her in to the COP and let him know you want him to take care of the criminal .

  2. My sympathies go out to this security guard who has been shot simply for doing his job…protecting other people’s money, without any form of protection for his own life and safety, except a bullet-proof vest, which actually saved his life.

    Had this robber been more trained or experienced, a head shot would have led to a different outcome…and Cayman’s murder stats increased by one more death.

    In the meantime, the Caymanian authorities continue to hide their heads in the sand, like an ostrich, and refuse to admit that their country has become a cold, dangerous, murderous place where the value of a human life is practically nil, all in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

    British and Caymanian law on refusing to arm security personnel, especially in high-risk jobs like cash and valuables transfers and bank guarding is leaving innocent lives at risk, as the callousness of the criminal element in Grand Cayman increases on a daily basis.

    Do those who live in their ivory towers and gated communities not care an iota for the life of a hard-working, honest person who is working for far less than they earn, just to feed and support their families ?

    Obviously not !

    As long as the delusion that Cayman is this idyllic paradise is maintained so that they can make their millions, they don’t care a hoot about who pays the price…with their lives, in some cases.

    In my opinion, this is as criminal an attitude, as the gunman who would coldly shoot down an unarmed security officer who cannot defend himself, while robbing other people of their hard-earned money.

    The next security guard shot on the job might not be so lucky as this one has been.