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No policy on gov’t credit cards, jury hears

There was no policy banning ministers and senior civil servants from making personal purchases and obtaining cash advances on government credit cards prior to July 2010, the jury in the trial of ex-premier McKeeva Bush heard Wednesday.

Officer told wife he was being ‘set up’

Natalee Williams, widow of police officer Raphael Anthony Williams, told the Coroner’s Court that her husband had told her senior officers were “breaking their own law to ensure I go to jail.”

Canover Watson denies corruption

Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson has denied allegations of corruption made against him.

Canover Watson released on bail

Canover Watson, former chairman of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority board and prominent Caymanian businessman, was released on bail Thursday evening.

Police look into travel

The police Financial Crime Unit is reviewing government travel records in conjunction with government auditors to identify whether any potential offenses have taken place.

UK Met stands by its man Bridger

London police wade into the ongoing public debate left in the wake of Cayman's disastrous Operation Tempura.

Operation Tempura allegations turn ugly

Accusations of criminality, lying and cover-ups fly around the ill-fated Operation Tempura corruption investigation.

Pawn shops: We work with police

Local pawn shops dispute police statements blaming their businesses for a spike in burglaries or thefts.

Police blame pawn shops for rise in thefts

An increase in local thefts and burglaries is partly attributable to the proliferation of pawn shops, a police commander believes.

Traffic citations continue decline

Cayman's already anemic traffic enforcement falls further during 2014.

Ex-Gov, AG cleared of criminal allegations

Criminal allegations against high-ranking Cayman officials backfire on Operation Tempura's former senior investigator.

Petty offenses drive up crime rate

Burglary reports haven't increased so far this year, but overall crime has.

Police service welcomes new officers

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service welcomes eight men and four women as its newest police officers.

Jewelry store robber pleads guilty

A second man involved in the New Year's Day robbery of Diamonds International pleaded guilty in the Grand Court Thursday.

Caymanian RCIPS recruits to graduate

The largest group of Caymanians to join the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will graduate on July 17.

Report: No additional staff for anti-corruption enforcement

Cayman's anti-corruption enforcers are overworked, understaffed and not getting many convictions.

Police secure sponsorship again

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Cricket Club is receiving sponsorship from The Security Centre Ltd for a fourth successive year.

Police discipline an area ‘to improve on’

Cayman's deputy governor says some improvements are needed in the area of police discipline.

12-year-old charged in burglary

A 12-year-old is facing criminal charges after police say he took a cell phone during a break in.

Police headquarters vacated

The RCIPS headquarters has been vacated due to fumigation works.

No answers on missing police data

Government is coming up blank in the search to recover corrupted police files.

Chamber cites ‘complete disregard’ for public purse

Cayman's Chamber of Commerce lashes out at the local government over travel and hospitality spending.

Auditor General’s report: Time to call the cops

The breadth and scope of the Auditor General's report on Cayman Islands government "travel and hospitality" spending is astounding.

Lawmakers question traffic enforcement decline

The recent dearth of traffic enforcement officers in the RCIPS is noted by lawmakers.

Police ‘defer’ crime reports at stations; use 911 calls

Some local residents who tried to report crimes at police stations were told to call 911 instead.

Missing: Police data, any answers

We know that millions of Cayman Islands police records may have been lost. What we don't know is even more disturbing.

One man pleads guilty to New Year’s robbery

Jonathan Mark Ramoon pleaded guilty to the New Year's Day robbery of Diamonds International jewely store; a trial date was set for two other defendants.

Police backup drives also corrupted in computer crash

Searches for a large amount of apparently irretrievable police data continued Thursday with a new revelation that some backup drives were also corrupted in a hard drive crash.

Commissioner cleared over injuring suspect

Police commissioner David Baines will not face charges over his dramatic intervention in a New Year’s Day diamond heist in George Town
Sandra Hill

Criminal charges in Nation Building Fund probe

Criminal charges are filed in connection with a $50,000 grant from Cayman's former Nation Building Fund.

Cayman officials fighting ‘Tempura’ in UK high court

The Kernohan lawsuit is settled, but Cayman's government is still fighting it out over Operation Tempura in the U.K.

Judge frowns on late change of legal aid attorney

Three men charged with the New Year's Day robbery at Diamonds International have had their matter put off again after one of them asked for a new attorney.

Governor’s office executive gave Tempura statement

More revelations about Cayman's ill-fated Operation Tempura probe, this time from inside the former governor's office.

A fine evening to 
honor Cayman’s finest

In what has become one of Grand Cayman’s most anticipated events on the social calendar, guests gathered Friday evening for the annual Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Awards gala at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Tempura tale: Sordid story, new audience

Operation Tempura details get aired in new setting.

Caribbean cocaine seizures on the rise

U.S. authorities are finding a lot more cocaine in Caribbean waters these days.

Gov: Officer death report will be public

The governor maintains that a review into a local police officer's death will be released following a coroner's jury evaluation of the incident.

Time to declare 'Recess is over' 
in Cayman's schools

Nothing focuses the mind more than a good punch in the face, especially if the assailant is a teenage student and the face belongs to his teacher.

How public views court sentences

Maura McGown QC spoke about challenges to the judicial system, including public perceptions on sentencing.

New Year's robbery case adjourned again

Three men charged in connection with the New Year's Day robbery of Diamonds International will appear in court again on April 14.

Police select 15 to be trained as constables

The RCIPS has selected 15 new recruits to become police constables.

Runner Haines gears up for epic marathon fundraiser

Champion fundraiser Derek Haines officially launches his bid to raise $1 million to build a new facility for Cayman HospiceCare at a reception at Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s residence.

Police report spike in overall crime

Bucking a trend of declining crime reports in the Cayman Islands since 2010, serious crime shot way up in 2013, with burglaries leading the way, police crime statistics show.

UK territories director praises Health City

Cayman gets a visit from the U.K. Overseas Territories director next week.

Operation Tempura: What's the $500,000 secret?

The $10 million-plus, U.K.-orchestrated, Cayman Islands-financed fiasco, is back - and there's a lot of "plus."

New year's robbery case adjourned

Three men charged with the New Year's Day robbery of Diamonds International will return to court on Feb. 28.

Top officials ‘disregard’ human rights requests

Senior leaders in government are not giving the Human Rights Commission the time of day.

Bermuda cops probe Cayman officer’s death

A review of a local police officer's death will eventually be made public, police commanders say.

Governor gets involved in loose dog complaint

It takes the police commissioner's and governor's involvement before a dangerous dog complaint is addressed.

Heroes Day celebrates cultural pioneers

More than 100 Caymanians were honored for their contributions to the Cayman Islands' cultural heritage at Monday's Heroes Day celebrations.

Ex-Gov: ‘High time’ Bridger held accountable

Cayman's former governor says it's time to end the mischief surrounding the Operation Tempura investigation.

Bridger files criminal Tempura complaint

A criminal complaint is filed with the RCIPS over the Operation Tempura investigation.

Former officer backs Police Commissioner Baines

Derek Haines says commissioner took the only appropriate action in response to the New Year's Day jewelry heist.

Injured robbery suspect in court

A suspect arrested in connection with the New Year's Day robbery of Diamonds International jewelry store was brought to court in an ambulance Tuesday to face firearm and robbery charges.

Commissioner welcomes probe into his actions

Police commissioner David Baines’ daring intervention in a New Year’s Day diamond heist is the subject of an internal investigation.

Seven vehicles damaged in high-speed chase

A high-speed chase on the roads of George Town led to multiple vehicles being damaged before the suspect was apprehended.

Jewelry heist suspects in court

Christopher Julian Myles, 32, and James Herbert McLean, 22, appeared in Summary Court on Monday afternoon charged with robbing the Diamonds International jewelry store on New Year's Day.

New detention center scheduled to open in February

The holding cells in the West Bay and George Town police stations will soon be replaced by a brand new 24-bed detention center.

Commissioner Baines beginning the New Year with fireworks

We can't imagine anyone having a better start to the New Year than Cayman's police commissioner.

Robbery suspects in court ‘early next week’

Two of four robbery suspects were charged Friday in relation to the New Year's Day armed holdup at the Diamonds International jewelry store in George Town. 

Diamonds International Store robbed at gunpoint; Baines intercepts suspects

With the personal intervention of Police Commissioner David Baines at 8 a.m. on New Year’s Day, police halted a three-man armed robbery at North Church Street’s Diamond’s International Watch and Design.

Commissioner Baines, two others on New Year’s Honors list

Government announced its New Year's Honours List on Tuesday, led by an Order of the British Empire for Police Commissioner David Baines, and a Certificate and Badge of Honour for two others.

Two arrested in bomb hoax

Two men are arrested in connection with bogus bomb threats made at two Grand Cayman resoirt properties.

Woman arrested in Nation Building Fund probe

A local woman is arrested in connection with a criminal investigation into the Nation Building Fund.

Revamped firearms bill seeks ‘burden of proof’ reversal

Sweeping changes are proposed for Cayman's Firearms Law that could result in warrant-less searches of homes and the reversal of the 'burden of proof'.

Creative crimefighting

The Cayman Islands needs more discussion of novel approaches to criminal justice.

Bridger may be forced to return Tempura records

Operation Tempura's former top investigator could be forced to give up hundreds of Cayman government documents related to the ill-fated corruption probe.

Commissioner Baines backs plea bargains for crooks

Cayman's top cop says he'd like the ability to 'cut a deal'.

Defending our most precious freedom

As government – not ours but theirs, meaning the United Kingdom – insists on moving forward with an expanded program to listen to our telephone conversations, interdict our text messages, and, presumably, monitor our Internet browsing, we as a people would be ill-advised to respond to this assault on our privacy with passivity or silence.

Online Poll: Bring back British authorities

The sense that crime rates have ballooned and that we are under siege may be an over-reaction, but the concern is clear and our poll respondents fed up.

Police target crime hot spots

Police are dealing with nearly 10 times as much crime in West Bay as in either North Side or East End, statistics for 2013 show.

Caymanian cop’s firing called ‘indefensible’

A veteran RCIPS officer asks a judge to review his dismissal from the police service in 2011.

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