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Premier says conspiracy evidence fabricated, signatures forged

Evidence intended to be used to disprove Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin’s case during the course of an upcoming civil trial is fabricated and, in some cases, contains forged signatures, the premier alleged.

Eight recruits join police ranks

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service welcomed eight new Caymanian recruits to its ranks.

Man arrested in sex attack

A 22-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of raping a woman at knifepoint in her own home.

Auditor General Report 'Political direction' used in land purchases

A questionable government land purchase in Cayman Brac catches the auditor general's attention.

Baines: Government should consider seizing uninsured cars

Cayman's police commissioner suggests some tough enforcement for traffic scofflaws.

GASBOY 2.0: Will 'upgrade' fix fuel abuse?

It's back ... (In fact, it never left.) For the better part of the past decade, GASBOY has been the subject of much abuse: both practically and rhetorically.

Deputy Governor: Public safety 'number one' priority

Cayman's deputy governor says he's not getting in the way of hiring police officers.

'Acting' chiefs and unfilled jobs mount in civil service

The Cayman Islands civil service is having quite a time trying to fill various government jobs at both the top and within the rank and file.

Bureaucrats' meddling with public safety puts Cayman at risk

As the old saying goes, “There’s never a cop around when you need one.” Here in the Cayman Islands, now we know why: Because the government won't allow Police Commissioner David Baines to hire the officers he needs.

Local bank linked to CarePay corruption probe

More problems for a Cayman bank already embroiled in an international footbal bribery scandal.

Baines: Police have money – but problems hiring

The Royal Cayman Islands Police have money to hire more officers, but actually doing so is proving to be a challenge.

Missing woman may have left island

A 22-year-old woman reported missing by police last week may have left the island.

Robbery suspect arrested at airport

A robbery suspect was arrested at the airport in Grand Cayman on Monday after being spotted on the British Airways flight by an off-duty police officer returning from holiday.

Court orders round 3 of Tempura records battle

The quest for Operation Tempura records enters what's likely to be the third stage of a court battle.

Bush seeks removal of anti-corruption Commission members

Cayman's opposition leader targets the membership of the territory's Anti-Corruption Commission in a legislative motion.

Concern rises over pay inequity in public sector

Government is facing increasing dissatisfaction over pay and conditions with salary inequality blamed for driving talented employees out of the public sector.

Bridger not interviewed in criminal case

Former Cayman Islands corruption investigator Martin Bridger confirmed this week that he has never been interviewed in connection with a criminal probe that is apparently going forward against him.

Bush motion: Conspiracy claim on hold for now

A call for an independent review of the "toppling" of Cayman's former government administration won't be heard during this LA meeting.

Bush motion alleges conspiracy 'toppled' UDP government

Cayman's former premier alleges a far-reaching conspiracy to remove him from office prior to the last election.

Operation Tempura: 'Open investigation,' closed records

Round and round the Tempura documents go, where they’ll end up, nobody knows. But we can hazard a guess … probably down a drain somewhere.

Tempura records case drags on

The end of Stuart Kenohan's lawsuit does not mean the end of legal disputes over the Operation Tempura case.

Dozens of officers screened for drugs

Nearly 50 Royal Cayman Islands Police officers and civilian staff members have been drug tested since the start of this year, including one police officer that was suspended after failing the test.

Cayman's finest honored

A sold-out crowd of 450 filled the Royal Ballroom at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, on Friday night in support of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, its officers and its Police Welfare Fund.

Police launch local recruitment drive

Police Commissioner David Baines kicked off a recruitment drive for Caymanian police officers Wednesday.

Baines: Gov’s report ‘contradicts’ Tempura rulings

Some surprising revelations concerning Operation Tempura come out in court records released this week.

Judge rules to keep Tempura documents from public

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a visiting Cayman Islands Grand Court judge on Monday agreed that hundreds of pages of records related to the ill-fated Operation Tempura police corruption investigation should be withheld from public release.

Police score low in survey

Police conducted an online survey late last year. Respondents said the police did a poor job reducing crime and keeping victims up to date on investigations.

Police officers charged over taser use

Two police officers alleged to have tasered a suspect following a high-speed car chase across Grand Cayman are facing criminal charges.

Witness can't recall phone messages after CNB robbery

Marlon Dillon maintains police promised his would be relocated.

GASBOY, continued: Fuel for abuse of public funds

The GASBOY thefts are Cayman's "broken windows" - in the sense of the crime-fighting strategy embraced by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Governor: Baines BVI assignment won't affect Cayman work

Cayman's governor says an extracurricular assignment shouldn't keep Police Commissioner David Baines away from his work.

Police Commissioner Baines leads BVI corruption probe

Cayman's top cop receives a special assignment in the British Virgin Islands.

Criminal case from Operation Tempura still active

Eight years later, the ill-fated Operation Tempura police corruption investigation is still providing plenty of surprises in court.

Baines 'no confidence' motion delayed

West Bay MLA Bernie Bush is postponing his planned vote of no confidence motion in Police Commissioner David Baines.

Jamaica ganja decision could impact Cayman

Jamaica’s decision to decriminalize cannabis could have negative consequences for Cayman and other Caribbean islands where the drug is still illegal, Police Commissioner David Baines has warned.

Premier seeks CCTV upgrades

Government will significantly step up its investment in CCTV cameras around the island amid concerns that the quality of the images is not high enough at night.

Traffic tickets fall to new lows

Traffic tickets are becoming a rarity in the Cayman Islands, according to local police data.

Breakthrough in Yates murder investigation

A 22-year-old West Bay man, Justin Manderson, was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the murder of Victor Oliver Yates.

Gang crime a social media phenomenon

Young people who post graphic images of gang lifestyles on social media websites risk being “branded” as thugs forever because “Facebook never forgets,” police chief David Baines said.

Police chief counters doubts over witness protection

Amid some skepticism from a large and vocal crowd at a West Bay community police meeting, Thursday, Commissioner David Baines insisted his officers would keep witnesses safe if they gave evidence following recent murders in the district.

Police chief: Culture of silence keeping killers on the street

Young men will continue to die on Cayman’s streets unless the community ends the culture of silence that is preventing police from bringing killers to justice, Police Commissioner David Baines has warned.

Search goes on for fourth diamond robber

The hunt for the fourth member of a robbery gang that raided the Diamonds International jewelry store in a brazen New Year’s Day heist is still on, police insist.

Independent bodies lack appointments, certainty

A number of government oversight bodies are currently dysfunctional.

Jewelry store robbers sentenced

Three men who pleaded guilty to robbing Diamonds International on New Year's Day 2014 were sentenced on Monday.

Grand Court opening: Case management to be reviewed

The opening of Grand Court for 2015 revealed plans for a UK criminal justice advisor to assist with a review of prosecution support systems.

Few convictions for killings

Cayman has seen 22 homicides since the start of 2010, and only seven of those have resulted in convictions.

Fourth jewelry store robber remains a mystery

Three men who pleaded guilty to robbing Diamonds International jewelry store on New Year’s Day 2014 appear in Grand Court again, but a fourth robber has never been identified.

2014 Year in Review

A month-by-month review of the Cayman Islands' top new stories in 2014.

Top story 2014: Robberies, still a problem, decline

Armed robberies are down in 2014, but police say robbers have been targetting popular tourist spots.

New option mooted for police complaints

Plans for an independent complaints authority to investigate public grievances about the police could be shelved in favor of moving that role into a new ombudsman’s office.

Governor Helen Kilpatrick: Commissioner Baines 'has my full support'

Cayman's governor fully supports the territory's police commissioner following some politicians' calls for his resignation.

Cayman Islands police commissioner defends record

Police Commissioner David Baines declares he will not resign, despite calls from some legislators for him to step down.

Banker's murder had 'devastating impact'

The murder of Frederic Bise and the publicity surrounding the six-year hunt for his killers had a devastating effect on his two young daughters, a court heard Tuesday.

Bringing fairness to the Baines brouhaha

We know a cooked – no, actually a raw – deal when we see it. And Police Commissioner David Baines is on the receiving end of one right now.

Contracts for Jamaican cops on hold

Several contracts that were about to be issued by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to officers transferring from Jamaica have been put on hold following the murder conviction last month of Tyrone Findlay.

Former Cayman top cop James Smith appointed in Turks and Caicos

A former Cayman top cop takes up the same job in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Details of jewelry store heist captured on CCTV camera

Details of the New Year’s Day heist at Diamonds International and the roles of each of the three men charged with the robbery of jewelry, worth more than $800,000, were outlined Wednesday by Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards.

Staffing troubles pursue premier, ministry

Some major staffing troubles beset the government's Home Affairs Ministry.

Lawmaker threatens motion to oust Baines

A West Bay lawmaker calls for Cayman's commissioner of police to quit or be fired.

Rotary recognizes outstanding Caymanians

Police Officer Miguel McFarlane and Raymond Scott of Cayman Brac have been recognized by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central for outstanding service to their vocations.

Writer ‘saddened’ by calls for Baines’s resignation

Former RCIPS officer laments "apparent xenophobic attitudes" in the wake of controversy over Cayman police officer convicted of murder in Jamaica.

Cayman cop convicted of murder in Jamaica

A police officer who was convicted of murder in Jamaica last month was serving at the time with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. His employment was terminated following his conviction on Nov. 19.

Hedge Funds Care aids charities

The Hedge Funds Care benefit gala at The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman on Saturday night raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities that help prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

Watson on bail until court hearing

Canover Watson will remain free on bail until at least Tuesday.

Canover Watson charged in CarePay probe

Criminal charges are filed in connection with a financial corruption probe involving Cayman businessman and FIFA audit committee member Canover Watson.

Shedden Road squatters arrested, buildings demolished

The saga of the extended family of missing landfill worker Anna Evans, who refused to leave their Shedden Road homes, came to an end Wednesday with the arrest of four people and the demolition of two buildings.

Corruption reports decline

Cayman's anti-corruption work proceeds at a ponderous pace.

A billion reasons for Governor Kilpatrick to step in

With every passing day, it has become increasingly obvious that the Cayman Islands needs a no-nonsense, action-oriented governor.

Police query large payment in CarePay case

More questions arise in the police investigation of the public hospital swipe-card contract.

Former Governor Duncan Taylor: ‘Quiet bottle of bubbly’ if McKeeva charged with crimes

The former governor of the Cayman Islands Duncan Taylor suggested a “quiet bottle of bubbly” would be in order if McKeeva Bush was charged with criminal offenses, in a series of emails to a British foreign office official read out in Grand Court.

RCIPS wants your feedback

The police want to know how they're doing from a public perception standpoint.

Bermuda police report: PC Williams probe by the book

Bermuda cops say the investigation of Cayman Islands PC Raphael Williams was on the level.

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