Gordon, Alta Solomon: solid as a rock

Music emanating from within in the
Cayman Islands just got a little sweeter, with the new album by Gordon and Alta
Solomon titled, Solid Rock.

This CD is a follow up to the
artists’ previous offering, “Lamb and Lion,” and in trademark fashion, Solomon
takes the listener down a journey of self discovery and personal inventory, set
against a backdrop of grooves that stir and rivet the imagination.

There is an indelibly distinct
pulse that captures one’s attention, as “Gideon” – which is another of his
pseudonyms – chants, “When the master becomes the servant everyone eats,”
around the tempered bass licks of Samuel Rose.

Infused with elements of jazz and funk,
the basis of the album seems to have a category onto its own and is truly
Caymanian in that sense, according to Solomon and his wife.

He said: “We here in Cayman have the benefit and pleasure of being exposed
to many different cultures, experiences and stimuli in general. These
ultimately filter our creative expression in some way, shape or form.”

With poignantly thought provoking
tracks like Adowa, in which the artist chronicles the true epic of the invasion
of Ethiopia by the Italian army in 1896 and the subsequent stand of the
Ethiopians to continue as the only country in Africa to never be colonised.

Faith, Hope and Charity is one of
the CD’s singles that is sure to surprise the ear, as Gordon reveals quite a
vocal range on the track.

The delivery on this one is clever
and entertaining on every level in addition to being laced with all the right
stuff instrumentally.  

The album was recorded in the
Cayman Islands and features a cast of notable local musicians such as Producer
Ben Hudson, who many in Cayman hail as a man who is definitely coming of age in
the musical industry both near and far.

Other home-grown impresarios to
have grace the melodies on the album include Sean Hennings of Hi Tide, who
serves up a brilliant drum track on every song, as well as Shane Allenger also
of Hit Tide, who contributed as a sound engineer.

Careful violin strokes were
provided courtesy of the incomparable Samuel Rose, who is also well known for
his intelligent delivery of harmonies and lead lines on the bass guitar.

Mr. Solomon said it was important
for him to work with such a seasoned group of fellow Caymanians, adding that he
felt obligation to let everyone know the kind of talent we had locally.

 ‘I grew up watching bands like Hi Tide and
their dedication and discipline have been an inspiration,” he remarked.”

On hearing the album for the first
time, I was immediately impressed with the level of production and quality of
the vocal clarity.

It was such a refreshing departure
from the assembly line saturation we get in the market today, where everything
sounds the same and the sentiment of the songs are not sincere. 

Alta Solomon described the two
songs she wrote on the album, Zion’s Gate, and Daughter of a King as tunes that
had evolved over time, taking on many forms, before becoming what they are on
the album.

“The songs are a celebration of
hope and the blessings that are so bountiful every day, said Alta, who added:
“I am happy whenever I see my poems come to life in song.

“It has an effect on you when an
idea becomes tangible.”

 The artist and mother explained that these
songs, as well as future works were particularly for her children’s reference
and she expressed hope that the positive message in the recordings would
inspire all people for generations to come.

Both Gordon and Alta admitted that
the process of recording an album was a mammoth undertaking and they thanked
the private family that helped them to make this album a reality.

The album can be purchased at Pure
Art and other locations to be announced, in addition to being available at CD
Baby in the spring.

Lamb and Lion is available on CD
Baby, I-tunes and Rhapsody.

Residents can look out for Gordon
and Alta performing at venues on Island to promote Solid Rock, along with a
live band or look them up online onesolomon.com.

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