Midpoint Centre for Elgin Avenue

The construction of a new regional retail plaza on Elgin
Avenue, near to the Thomas Russell Roundabout in George Town, is well under

Trelawny Investments Limited, a locally owned company with
overseas investments, is the proprietors of the building.

Midpoint Centre is being developed as a two-storey,
25,000 square-foot complex.

When completed, the new complex will house 14 retail and
office spaces that will be marketed for rental.

A rendition of the building and surrounding area show a
huge parking space with aesthetically pleasing landscaping.

The project, which started in September of last year,
will be completed in September 2010, said construction developer Ken Whittaker
of Whittaker & Walter architects.

Allure Construction, which is a Whittaker & Walter firm,
is carrying out the work on the building for Trelawny Investments Limited.

When the building is completed entrance to the new centre
will be from Englin Avenue.


This digital rendering shows the finished product of the new Midpoint Centre being constructed on Elgin Avenue by Allure Construction.

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