Ministers’ actions speak loudly in Cayman

Cayman Ministers Association has
teamed up with Myles McPherson to assist the community.

Through a Do Something Cayman
Campaign, launched at CITN Cayman 27 offices on Thursday, the association is
looking feed back from those in needs.

The Ministers Association is encouraging
people in the community, if they have needs, ideas or suggestions for projects
to contact local pastors, police, or by emailing [email protected]

They are working on bringing Cayman
churches and communities together to work on projects to enhance the lives of
others and reduce the cost to government by serving the community.

Through the massive three-month
volunteerism initiative, the group is seeking to muster up 2,000 volunteers
that will help with these social issues.

A local committee has been set up,
which will address each need as they are sent and the committee will choose
what can be done and what is feasible.

Mr. McPherson, a former NFL player,
turned pastor and author and founder of Miles Ahead Organisation in San Diego was invited to launch
the initiative.

“One of the things that can be done
is to get people to send in their ideas, he said.

“There may be just one little old
lady who has five children in her home and needs someone to paint her house, or
cut the grass, tell us.  It is an easy
thing to get done, but for her, it might be an impossible task. It is by doing
these kinds of things that will change people lives and make a difference. This
is where the churches can become involved,” he added.  “You never know what kind of resources are
out there to assist and the vast needs of the people. What a blessing it would
be for someone to lend a helping hand, he said.”

Mr. McPherson said it was also a
good opportunity to share the word of God with others.

During Mr. McPherson absence, the
Ministers Association will be focusing on projects and looking for ideas of
what projects need to be done.

At the conclusion of the
three-month campaign, Miles Ahead Foundation will bring a team of 70 to 90 volunteers
from San Diego
to partnership with the Cayman Ministers Association.

From the 8-13 May the professional
team will fan out in the communities, link up with youths under the almond
trees, church groups, parents, schools, doctors, prison and various social organisations
to get things done.

“Right now what is need is manpower,”
said James Myles sharing his input at the launch.

“Manpower is a major cost of anything
and if we can get manpower, than most things can be done,” he said.

Youth Pastor Felix Manzanares said
recent tragic events happening in the Cayman Islands
at present calls for the community to also unite for the young generation.

Mitch Exctain, a Wendy’s representative
said “We are hoping to bring a positive change to the Cayman
Islands and right now is the appointed time.”

Miles Ahead organisation motivates
and gets youths involved by visiting uncommon environments where young people
are found to deliver the message of Jesus Christ through massive get-together,
pumping music, extreme sports and family and children oriented activities.

Last Friday Cayman young people got
their first taste of what’s in store through the Do Some Thing campaign, hip
hop music, giveaways, positive vies and doing something helpful through a free
concert and rally at the Agape Church.

Come May 14 and 15 another big
concert is being staged at Black Pearl, Grand Harbour
with Evangelist Miles McPherson.

The day promises extreme sports,
skateboarding, surf, motor cross demos, face painting, kids zone and food

Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead mobilizes volunteers to
do something to transform their communities, to be God’s hands and feet here on
earth, erasing the borders between their faith and their actions.

Miles McPherson, a former professional
football player whose life was transformed by the power of Christ’s love. From
hopelessness and an addiction to drugs, to motivating people to do something
for others, McPherson stands at the forefront of transformation evangelism. He
founded Miles Ahead with a focus of reaching the young and young-minded across
the world with the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ.

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