Applications too sexy for your iPhone

Developers have expressed anger at
Apple’s decision to ban some adult-themed applications from its iPhone.

Thousands of apps with adult-themed
content have been removed from the store although some, such as one from
Playboy, remain.

Apple has said that certain apps
were removed following customer complaints.

Developer Jon Atherton is angry
that previously-approved apps have been pulled, and accuses Apple of
“experimenting with our livelihoods”.

Apple said it had to respond to its

“It came to the point where we
were getting customer complaints from women who found the content getting too
degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their
kids were able to see,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of
product marketing, told the New York Times.

When asked why some apps with adult
content had remained intact he said that Apple took into consideration how
“well-known” companies were as well as whether they had
“previously published material”.

ChilliFresh is an Australian
company that creates apps for the iPhone, including the recently banned Wobble,
which provides pictures of women’s breasts.

“I’m now worried the
eco-system is run by puritans and is not fair to all players,” developer
Jon Atherton said on its website.

He said that if Apple was serious
about protecting young customers it should allow parents to set controls for

He called on Apple to publish its
new guidelines so that developers were clear on what they could and could not
do as well as to clarify why not all sex-related apps are affected by the ban.

“My view is that this is a
knee-jerk reaction. Apple is very controlling. These apps are getting popular
but the apps store doesn’t have an adult section,” he said.

“I’d have thought there was a
technological way of fixing the problem rather than pulling the rug out from
under people’s feet,” he added.


Apple has removed several adult themed applications from the iPhone.
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