Eyes on the prize

The year 10 to 12 high school
students in the Saxon Investment Club groups are now in their fourth month of
competition with their energies focused on the $3000 prize.

The two groups leading the way are
currently St. Ignatius Shantastic Krew with a 4.5 per cent ROI, followed
closely by St. Ignatius Five Stars with a 3.3 per cent ROI. Over the last three
months these two groups have consistently performed exceedingly well.

Students from Cayman Prep and High
School, John Gray High School and St. Ignatius High School who started chapters
of the Saxon Investment Club meet once a week to decide how the club will
invest the $100,000 in their hypothetical portfolios, engaging in real-life

Across the board, group portfolio
performance varied between 4.5 per cent ROI and – 6 per cent ROI. Unlike any
previous month, performance at the close of January saw a negative ROI for all
groups with the exception of St Ignatius’ Shantastic Crew and Five Stars.

 “While we wish to congratulate these two
groups and celebrate their successes, we have explained to the students that
this is no reason to be deterred,” said CEO of Saxon Brian Williams

“The investment world can be
extremely volatile and their stocks will likely in time rebound and they can make
up for their losses. Ultimately, though the students have been slightly
disappointed this month, we are accomplishing the purpose of this club – to
ensure the students endure a realistic experience and learn the realities of
investing. This knowledge comes with experience, and we are proud of all of our

 John Gray High School Teacher Christine
Francis noted the first-hand practice has opened the students’ eyes to a world
years ahead of their peers, gaining invaluable lessons about investing.

“Our students have thoroughly
enjoyed the experience thus far, and have not lost any momentum when it comes
to their keenness to learn more. They are of course motivated by the grand
prize, but also they are soaking in the knowledge and loving the experience
along the way.”

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