Honduras grabs World Cup

are Cayman’s indoor football champions once again.

The country won its second straight
Cayman World Cup of Football tournament on Sunday.

had two teams in the five-a-side football competition. Both made it to the
final at King’s Sports Centre.

Ultimately Carlos Powery and Durk
Tatum would be the heroes for the light blue side over their dark blue counterparts
(which had star talents like Nahun Rodriguez and Rene Carter).

Both squads went through the group
stages undefeated atop of their segments. Both made it through the playoffs
past teams such as Scotland,
Costa Rica and England.

Cayman also had two teams in the
competition and they too were in good form. Cayman blue and red went undefeated
atop their groups and made it deep into the playoffs.

Cayman blue lost 1-0 to Honduras dark blue in the semi-finals (Richard
Grant had the deciding goal) while the red team lost 2-1 in the quarter-finals
to England

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