Mis-sorted mail solutions

Editor’s Note: Cayman Free Press is working in conjunction with the
Cayman Islands Postal Service to bring weekly columns to our readers help iron
out some of the issues facing the Post Office and its customers.

So you go to your post office box
and there is an item of mail that is addressed to your box but it is not for
you or someone you know. What do you do?

The best practice is to write on
the envelope “not at this box”, and return the letter to the counter.

If you throw the piece of mail
through the mail slot – without indicting that it is not for your box – chances
are that next day it will end up right back in your post office box.

This may well cause you to be
annoyed. But ask yourself: How would the mailer sorters know that this piece of
mail is not for you or the five other persons who collect mail through your
post box?

Without a note from you, they will
not know. If you indicate on the envelope the reason the piece of mail is being
returned, sorters will then know that the item is not to be placed in your box

Each day, secondary sorters – the
postal service officers who place the mail in post office boxes – sort several
items on any given day.

So they don’t have a clue and it is
not their job to know who collects mail at a particular renter’s box. By CIPS
Postal Regulations, their duty is to deliver mail to a post office box number
or to General Delivery.

If a post office box renter keeps
getting mail that does not belong to his or her box, the recourse is to write
to the Postmaster General or visit the post office and let the counter staff
know the names of the persons who collect mail at that particular box.

So if you receive an item of mail
that is not for you or anyone who collects mail at your box, please return it
to the counter or place it in the “oops-not-mine-box” that is available at
Seven Mile or Savannah Post Offices. 
Remember that sorters are handling many pieces of mail per day manually
and are likely to place some mail in the incorrect post office box from time to

It is against post regulations to
throw away another person’s mail. This could lead to you losing your post
office box in the event that it is discovered that you are discarding someone’s

So, it is in your best interest to
return incorrect mail to the post office and indicate the reason why you are
returning that item of mail.

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