Ground-breaking show opens tonight

The National Gallery’s latest exhibition, 21st Century Cayman marries the old with the new

The National Gallery of the Cayman
Islands is now hosting a three-month long exhibition inspired by our traditions
and Cayman’s natural environment called 21st
Century Cayman

 The Gallery anticipates that the pieces on
display will bring the widely practical uses of traditional crafts into the public
eye for celebration and interpretation.

 “In 21st
Century Cayman
we’ve attempted to address this imbalance by challenging our
traditional crafters and contemporary artists to re-imagine our heritage craft
within a contemporary context,” commented Natalie Urquhart, National Gallery
Director and Curator of 21st
Century Cayman.

Working in pairs, the artists have
exchanged ideas, shared time honoured skills and explored new materials to
create a fresh new vision that is both past and present Cayman.” said Mrs.

The artists involved includes well
known artisans such as Al Ebanks, Miguel Powery, Charles Long, Jane Webster,
Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, Lizzie Powell, Nickola McCoy-Snell, Marlena Anglin,
Maureen Andersen, Mike and Renate Seffer Avril Ward and many others.

Wray Banker, President of the
Cayman Islands Traditional Arts Council, 
which is supporting the exhibition, said “CITAC has identified that at
the moment our Caymanian Traditional Arts are very vulnerable, estimating that
if they are not passed on to younger generations within the next 20 years, the
forms as we know them, will die out. 

“In order for our traditional arts
to survive and prosper, it will have to adapt with the times and connect with
these generations.  There is a need of
outlets for experimentation, creativity and sharing of ideas to push the
envelope of the crafts.”

“Shows such as 21st Century Cayman
will expose our traditional arts to new audiences and a newfound appreciation;
hopefully inspire other Traditional and Fine artists and more importantly
generate new practitioners and ultimately the survival of these vital arts
throughout the coming centuries,” Mr. Banker added.

The show is being sponsored by
Butterfield. For more information on the exhibition and any of the Gallery’s
programming call 945-8111 or log on to

programme of events


Tuesday, 9 March, 6pm

maker Aston Ebanks airs 21st
Century Cayman
and discusses the making of his documentary.


Thursday, 4 March, 6pm

Curator Natalie Urquhart will lead
an informal tour of the new exhibition and discuss the history of traditional
craft and contemporary art in Cayman

Saturday, 20 March, 6pm

‘The History of Catboats’, a
lecture by the Cayman Catboat Club.

Wednesday, 24 March; 28 April and 26 May, 12.15pm

National Gallery curators will lead
a half an hour lunchtime lecture, discussing various aspects of the artists’
work. Complimentary light lunch provided.

Tuesday, 13March, 5.30pm

Art Forum: panel discussion about
the exhibitions concept – heritage and cultural development in 21st
Century Cayman. Panellists to be announced.


Wednesday, 7 April, 6 pm

Waurie tournament: mediated by Wray
Banker and Deal Ebanks of the Cayman Islands Traditional Arts Council.


A painted gig by Gordon Solomon.
Photo: Submitted

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