Cayman feels another small quake

Several reports of a ground tremor
were made from all around the George Town area at just after 11am Monday.

What was later determined to be a
small earthquake measured at 4.6-magnitude, 25 miles south of George Town at a
depth of 6.1 miles, according to the US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information

Shakes were felt at the downtown
offices of Ritch and Connolly, UBS and in Elizabethan Square, but no serious damage
was reported.

There were initial reports of one
downtown office building being evacuated. Employees at other George Town office buildings were seen
outside their offices immediately after the quake. 

The Hazard Management Cayman
Islands Office confirmed that it had detected what appeared to be a tremor on
the seismograph at 11.05am local time. There were no reports of any damage.