Digicel sending tents to Haiti

With the rainy season fast
approaching, Digicel is urging others to follow suit in its efforts to provide
shelter to Haitians left homeless as a result of the January earthquake which
devastated Port-au-Prince.

Digicel plans to purchase and
distribute 19,000 six-person tents valued at US$3 million to provide shelter to
more than 100,000 Haitians living in makeshift campsites.

The tents, which are designed for
extended living in wilderness conditions, have a 10×10 foot coated polyethylene
bathtub floor which is separate from the tent walls and gives protection from

Purchased from a manufacturer in
the US the tents are being shipped from Bangladesh and are scheduled to arrive
in Port-au-Prince at the end of March.

 “With an estimated one million people living
in makeshift dwellings in Port-au-Prince, the Government of Haiti and NGOs
providing relief efforts in the country are increasingly concerned that many
more lives will be lost if people are not provided with sheltered accommodation
to protect them from the imminent arrival of rainy season,” said Digicel Group
CEO Colm Delves.

“Not only do people need proper
shelter where they can stay safe and dry, but it will also help stop the spread
of disease through the makeshift camps that have been set up across the city,”
he continued.

“However, while the tents we are
donating will go some way towards providing sheltered accommodation, we need
more organizations from across the world to step in and provide this urgent

Digicel has invested US$370 million
into Haiti since its launch in 2006 and has donated over US$20 million to
support the relief efforts in Haiti.