Letters to the Editor: Choose taxes or bankruptcy

Day after day
and day to night and night again, I witness the same confused suffering of
residents of the Cayman Islands.

Most people
cannot believe the state of our economy and the thought that their plight will
get worse before it gets better is flipping them out. God knows I am not an
exception, for sometimes I too must manage my frustration, resentment and rage.
But thank God that if there is one Caymanian who knows hard times, it is me.

The present
Government blames the past Government and the past Government says it is the
job of the present Government to correct all that they did wrong. But even if
we blamed every single person in this country for our depressed economy, we
will see that blaming does not change anything. What might help however is the
stark realisation that like the foolish man we built our house upon the sand
and the rain came tumbling down. And so we must now stop feeling cozy and
dependent on the inward flow of physical and human capital, which enriches a
few while disrupting and displacing the others.

became boastful, covetous, envious and jealous people, believing that we are
the cause of our own discovery and successes, never stopping to remember there
would be rainy days. But the most appalling and ridiculous fact of it all is
that when we are now advised by the United Kingdom Government to tighten our
belts, to cut the numbers of our civil employees, to build up our
reserves  and enact direct taxation, we call them all kinds of bad names
then throw ourselves down and symbolically wash their feet.

Mark my words:
if direct taxation is not introduce soon by this administration, Cayman will
face even more dreadful challenges in the future.

Why is
obedience not to intelligence and allegiance only a ploy? We are suffering now
as we descend the slippery slope of vanity and we see the writing on the wall.
How in Jesus’ name can a small developing country believe that direct taxation
is an escapable fate? That we have gone so far as to create a story like the
Wreck of the Ten Sails to explain why we should be exempted from direct
taxation.  This story is so completely and utterly myth that people do
acutely believe it to be true and use it as one of the main reason we should
have no direct taxes

Some short
time ago someone told me that Cayman was exempted from taxation by a certain
King of England because we saved his precious son who had wondered unto our
reef at East End. This really shows the good spirit of the people of East End
who often lived from misleading ships onto our shores. Anyway, frogs have
become princes in other stories so why not direct taxation being banished
forever from our shores because we rescued a prince from destruction on our
reef.  The human being has created reasons even for the lack of reason, so
the fact that we can give a reason why we do not have to have direct taxation
is by no means a work of genius.  

A work of
genius would be to find a way to convince the good people of these Islands that
we have been asleep while we were digging a deep hole of lies in which to burry
reality and reason. I have said and I will say it again although I cannot
recall who I should be quoting; two things are certain in this life, death and
taxation. The government of this country is weak not because the country is
small; it is weak because we have a net worth less than one individual who owns
and controls the majority of our lands. It is a good thing we are not independent
otherwise he might just decide to use his fortune to raise an army and defeat
our government, which is too poor to provide for our common defense.

The measure of
a government must be its ability to provide a framework for its citizens to
exist in safety and pursue their social and economic advancement. How can our
Government hear the cries of small businesses, working and poor people without
acknowledging that this present administration must bit the bullet and enact
direct taxation in some form or another or let the people perish from want of
assistance and feelings of insecurity? Caymanians must choose taxes or
bankruptcy. Taxes will upset some but bankruptcy of our government will create
massive pain and destruction and bring our society to its knees.

Frank McField


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