Letters to the Editor: Tic Tac Toe games played

Looking back at yesteryear and the
government of the day, we remember people like the planners of Cayman’s future
like the great Doctor Roy, Alvi Smith, Logan Bodden, Arthur Bodden, Clifton
Hunter, Arron Powery, Willy Farrington, Biddle Bodden, Willy Wood, just to name
a few..

These people had pretty good plans
that kept the Island in a pretty good shape along with a Caymanian people that
loved and cared about this Island and our people.

But from then to present day, we
have had a type of Tic Tac Toe government in place. We the people of the Cayman
Islands united we stand divided we fall. Well this was replaced by UDP-PPM,
which really spells out division. We need to stop, sit down and have a real
national meeting and place in position the people with good plans in how to
make life better for our people. No PPM. No UDP, just Caymanians in all key
positions to make sure that it happens for us. This division in leadership in
Cayman must come to an end and the Tic Tac Toe game that the UDP and PPM has
been playing with our people must end.

The reckless spending of hundreds
of millions and still we have hungry people, homeless people with no direction;
just doing nothing but living sad day to day.

You spend and steal millions while
our Caymanian children are in a worse shape in education than when I went to
school. We are in a bad shape with leaders that really cannot lead. They can
win elections but that does not make them real leaders of anyone. . If you
cannot lead your family right, your family will suffer.

I urge all Caymanians to start
taking better care of each other. And put these government officials to do what
we want them to do for us.

After all, they are our servants.
Remember, some of our leaders know very little about the outside world; only by
the TV or a little trip here and there. We as a people need to help the
planners and the leaders for the betterment of our future as a people. Remember
the Caribs?

Emile Levy