Today’s Editorial March 04: Take heart health seriously Saturday

Quick, what’s the No. 1 killer of
people in the Cayman Islands?

If you answered heart disease, you
go to the head of the class.

But apparently we haven’t all
gotten the message.

That’s why it is so important for everyone
in the Cayman Islands to take some time out this weekend and attend the Cayman
Heart Fund’s third annual Heart Health Fair this Saturday at Camana Bay’s Arts
and Recreation Centre.

For the first time, all who attend
will be asked to roll up their sleeves and become registered blood donors of
the blood bank at George Town Hospital.

The fair will give everyone an
opportunity to learn more about heart disease, what they must do to ensure a
proper diet and exercise programme and important information to know when
someone is having a heart attack.

One of the crucial facts we all
need to know is that heart attacks typically don’t happen with someone grabbing
their chest. Most heart attacks start out slowly and build up.

We know that the faster a person is
treated, the better his or her chances of survival and recovery. Yet women
often ignore their symptoms longer, with studies showing that it takes women 20
minutes longer to get to the emergency room than men. That’s not good.

Ongoing education is key. Here are
some questions developed by leading cardiologists that you can ask yourself to
help lower your risk of coronary disease:

Do I know my family history?

Do I know what tests I should be
asking for at the doctor’s office?

How often am I exposed to cigarette

Am I overweight?

Am I eating a heart-healthy diet?

Am I getting enough exercise?

Do I know the symptoms of a heart

If you don’t know the answers to
any of these questions, then make sure you get to the Heart Fund’s Heart Health
Fair at Camana Bay this weekend.

Turn to Page 5 of today’s Caymanian
Compass for more information.